If you’re a fan of country music, you probably already know Brett Kissel’s story – owned his first guitar before he was even in school, released his first album before he could even drive – leading to him becoming Canada’s most dynamic country music artist before he turned 30 years old.

The farm-and-ranch-raised artist has 16 top 10 radio singles, 4 #1 songs, and a tractor bucket full of gold and platinum plaques. He set records on his 112-date cross-country tour, played over 20 shows with his hero Garth Brooks, and has won 18 CCMA Awards and 2 JUNO Awards.

Last year’s Now Or Never album featured some of his biggest hits to date – “Drink About Me,” “She Drives Me Crazy” and “A Few Good Stories” – and helped him obtain massive exposure in the U.S. for the first time in his career, including multiple performances on The Grand Ole Opry. 

While fans were still buzzing about that album, Brett started looking towards his next release, but couldn’t get three words out of his head – What Is Life? The search for something “more” weighed heavily on the country star’s mind.

“I’m curious in a new way,” Kissel says. “I’m entering a new era in my life, and I'm going to attempt to ask this old-as-time question: What Is Life? This latest album is a deep-dive into love, celebration, grace, gratitude, and hard truths.”

Brett Kissel is running a major vibe-check with his audience and beginning to process gratitude and the role he plays in his fans’ lives and in their playlists. From turning 30 this year, celebrating 10 years of marriage with his wife Cecilia, and by creating three special, bubbly, and blonde-topped children — he is inching closer to being able to come up with an answer for himself — but hopes to inspire his fans and provoke conversation.

“I’m going to try to illuminate a positive path for music fans, a path that has room for everyone to join us with big heaping servings of gratitude and unity,” Kissel says. “And I’m going to ask some tough questions, of myself, why I’m here — and why you’re here with me.”

The theme of gratitude is evident starting with the album’s first single, “Make A Life, Not A Living.” The song delightfully anchors listeners and encourages them to stop, take a breath, and enjoy what is in front of them — not what else is "out there.” The balance between going and getting while taking good stock of what we have is something Kissel is consciously trying to achieve in his new musical and life chapter. 

Surely, with tracks like “Die to Go Home” and “Night in the Life,” we might just get a little closer to answering the ever-perplexing question.

There is no doubt that 2021’s passion for truth was fueled by 2020’s chaos and a good businessman's wit to tackle problem-solving and provide solutions for the collective. And that’s exactly the unique value proposition of the ‘Brett Kissel experience.’

Kissel and his award-winning band hit the road in a way that had never been done before as he brought the drive-in concert model to Canada. When traditional concert experiences were shut-down, Brett spent most of 2020 connecting to his fan-base by delivering the same high-energy unforgettable concerts that his fans have come to expect – just this time, with them watching safely from their cars, honking their horns in approval.   

Kissel and his fans were able to raise more than $250,000 for local charities and food banks from these shows. His drive-in experience was documented in the film BRETT KISSEL LIVE AT THE DRIVE-IN, which aired to a national prime-time audience. He showed Canada and the world with an antithesis approach that music was still here when everyone needed it the most. Still, Brett noticed and observed the curiosity that slowly burned inside of him… What Is Life?

With rooms on his century-old cattle ranch filled with awards and accolades mixed with his natural-born, rural-based talent to network with other exciting music professionals — like long-time producer Bart McKay and his incomparable road band — Brett is still eager to show you more.

Kissel and his cultivated vulnerability on the stage and in the recording studio have afforded his brand high commercial appeal. Perhaps this appeal has been sourced by guidance from long time industry pals like Garth Brooks and Brad Paisley. Brett has recently navigated into new arenas – most notably the launch of his new spirit: Deuce Vodka. This vodka is “born in a small town, made for the big time, and is second to none”— just like Kissel himself. The BK commercial music brand is best explained as a proxy of themes, ready to jump.

And Brett is exploding with gusto to keep the high-vibes rolling in 2021. Part of his appeal can be attributed to his down-to-earth nature – he’s a fellow human living the human experience, just like everybody else. If you ever make it out to Flat Lake, Alberta, to visit Brett’s multi-generation home ranch, you’ll likely be invited to participate in outdoor shenanigans like cattle herding, tweaking old engines, or exploring secret dirt roads. Brett Kissel promotes unity and hopes to continue showing off the best Canada has to offer to the world – and cannot wait to perform from coast to coast once again. In the meantime, he invites fans to not just take some time and listen to his new album, but start thinking about those three powerful words – What Is Life?

Jess Moskaluke

An internationally celebrated artist, Jess Moskaluke continues to break barriers in the country music world with her big voice, pop-infused hooks and sonic versatility. The first Canadian female country artist since Shania Twain to achieve CRIA Platinum single status with the hit ‘Cheap Wine and Cigarettes’, Moskaluke has since gone on to earn CRIA Gold certifications for ‘Take Me Home’, ‘Kiss Me Quiet’ and a nod for her feature on Paul Brandt’s ‘I’m An Open Road’. She was also notably the first Canadian female country artist since 2008 to have a song in the Top 3 with ‘Drive Me Away’, and has notched another SIX Top 10 hits in addition to that including her first ever NUMBER ONE ’Country Girls’. The 2017 JUNO Award winner for ‘Country Album of the Year’, Moskaluke is also the 2018 CCMA Award winner for ‘Album of the Year’, a three-time consecutive CCMA ‘Female Artist of the Year’ Award winner – the first resident of Saskatchewan in the history of the awards to achieve this title – a 2017 SOCAN Award winner and recently took home the 2020 WCM Award for ‘Country Artist of the Year’. Kicking off 2020 with ‘Country Girls’ topping the charts, Moskaluke’s follow-up track ‘Halfway Home’ landed in the Top 5 at Australian country radio, where in 2019, she played the C2C Music Festival and took part in CMC’s ‘Songs and Stories’ series, performing six songs for a one-hour special. She delivered her Top 15 single ‘Mapdot’, a personal ode to small-town pride and the place she’s proud to call home, ahead of the release of The Demos in February, and her current Top 40 track ‘Nothin’ I Don’t Love About You’ continues to rise at Canadian Country radio. In addition to her music, Moskaluke continues to explore other avenues including her highly anticipated ‘Handpicked by Jess’ subscription box drops, with previous versions selling out in less than 24 hours.

Tyler Joe Miller

Signed to MDM Recordings Inc. in 2019, Surrey, BC’s Tyler Joe Miller has swiftly begun to make a name for himself in Canadian country music. After releasing his gold-certified debut single, ‘Pillow Talkin’’ at the end of 2019, the catchy tune quickly earned him the title of iHeartRadio Future Star at the beginning of 2020, and became his first #1 single at Canadian country radio. What followed was an unprecedented and record breaking climb with follow-up single ‘I Would Be Over Me Too’, which steadily rose on the charts and earned Miller the title of the first independent Canadian country artist to reach #1 at radio with his first two singles. Ending 2020 on a high, Miller was nominated for the CCMA ‘Rising Star’ Award, and took home three BCCMA Awards including “Male Artist of the Year”, “Single of the Year” and “SOCAN Songwriter of the Year”, before releasing his third single “Fighting” which went Top 10 at Canadian country radio in May. Following up three highly successful singles, Miller has now released the fourth single “Sometimes I Do” from his debut EP “Sometimes I Don’t, But Sometimes I Do” which has over 15 Million combined streams. Later this year, fans can be on the lookout as Miller competes as a semi-finalist in the SiriusXM ‘Top of the Country’ competition.