Calgary Stampede 2015

July 3-12 2015

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Calgary Stampede

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Sidesaddle Races

Don't miss the excitement of the sidesaddle races following the GMC Rangeland Derby's final heat!

Sidedaddle Races

Celebrating the accomplished horsewomen of western history, Sidesaddle Racing is a high-adrenaline showing of skill and athleticism. Five local riders will take to the Calgary Stampede track along with three international horsewomen for a race filled with grit and gumption. Dressed in historically inspired wardrobe, these racers take you back in time to where women gained independence on horseback and began to participate in western sport. While graceful, the Sidesaddle Racers are extremely skilled and fiercely competitive, adding extra fuel to the excitement of your Evening Show experience!

2 Nights Only!

Friday, July 5: Following the GMC Rangeland Derby

Saturday, July 6: Following the GMC Rangeland Derby

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