Shuffalo began in early 2018 when Brayden Bell, then a singer-songwriter, and longtime collaborator Steve MacDonald met drummer Mac Bennett and they immediately connected. Soon after they brought in Bailey Clarke to fill out the ensemble.

Inspired, they put out their debut EP Heart Attack within months of forming with producer Will MacLellan (Raleigh). After gaining local attention, they became a part of the Soaring Eagle Records family.

A year under their belt, the band continues to growwith each other, and the focusedenergy within their live performances has inspired a new set of warm and melody driven songs.

Shuffalo brings the soul out of natural spaces, shaped by the bands harmonies and spare vocals of frontman and fire-heartBrayden Bell, whose serene vocal melodies and naturalistic performances enact the mountain shapes that preoccupy his empathetic lyrics.

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Coca-Cola Stage

July 12: 2:30 p.m.