You could be the 2023 Calgary Stampede Poster Artist

The Calgary Stampede Poster Competition is back for the fifth year, welcoming young artists (age 15-24) from across Alberta to submit their vision for the chance to design the artwork for the 2023 Calgary Stampede Poster and take home the first place prize of a $10,000 scholarship.

Deadline: December 3, 2021



Posters Distributed Annually


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the first year the poster tradition began


  • Contestants must be Alberta residents aged 15-24.

  • All 2D Mediums welcome.


  • The top 30 artists will have a unique opportunity to learn and elevate their skills at a Masterclass Workshop taught by experienced local artists.

  • The top 8 artists will refine their skills through one-on-one mentorship and artistic development coaching to help their poster vision come to life.

  • Finalists will also learn about The Calgary Stampede through a variety of inspiring experiences, highlighting western hospitality, inclusivity, culture and community spirit.


  • First Place: A once in a lifetime experience showcasing your art as the Calgary Stampede Poster Artist. You will also receive:

    • A $10,000 scholarship

    • The opportunity to ride in the iconic Calgary Stampede Parade as the Ambassador of the program

    • Invitations to special events

    • The chance for public speaking engagements to a variety of audiences

    • Television appearances and interviews with local media

  • Second Place: $5,000 scholarship

  • Third Place: $2,500 scholarship

  • Places Four through Eight: $500 educational funding

  • Top Eight: Free art supplies

The Dustin Peers Memorial Scholarship is generously funded through the Brandon Flock Foundation.

The 2023 Calgary Stampede Poster Competition

The Poster Competition is about more than the selection of a poster for the Calgary Stampede; the competition focuses on youth achievement and development by fostering and developing artistic skills. This program takes youth on a journey of craftsmanship and creation, an experience just as valuable as claiming the top prize.

Apply by December 3, 2021