Calgary Stampede 2015

July 3-12 2015

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Sunday, July 16 2:45 p.m


Fuzzed out power rockers *HighKicks* are your new favourite band. Listen to their album and tell me I'm wrong. See their rock show and tell me I'm crazy. They play lucky larger infused rock and roll, singing songs about breaking hearts, being heartbroken, staying out all night and staying up late the next day all in the name of having a rad time.The Fuzz Bass and Drumming duo consist of Danny Vacon (The Dudes, Dojo Workhorse) and Matt Doherty (The Dudes, Raleigh, AM Static) HighKicks are old pros at keeping it RAD. They're coming to your town soon, so keep an eye out if you like honest to goodness, sing along fuzz rock, or just stay home and watch reruns of Frasier if that's not your thing.

Coca-Cola Stage

Sunday, July 16 2:45 p.m

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