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July 3-12 2015

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Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara at the Coca-Cola Stage

Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara has certainly given us reason to think but also cause to rejoice. Having crisscrossed Europe, she spent the last year making America’s stages her pulpit, completing two headlining tours. It is very much an experience unlike any other—disarming, endearing, wholly intimate. The quiet moments between songs are to be savored equally: Alessia interjects uplift, confessionals, life lessons, vignettes about navigating fame. She narrates a video loop celebrating a woman-centric message. All the while, she seems as wowed and grateful as the listeners staring back at her. “I hope the fans know that I’m figuring things out, too,” she confesses. “I think when you look up to someone, you expect them to do everything right. We’re all people with feelings and I’m trying to make sense of everyday things. I mean, I still get weirded out hearing my own music.”

Alessia Cara manages to own the dichotomy of understated pop star. The big voice in the small frame. The small town charm gracing big city stages. Perfection in imperfection. The irrepressible smile and the timeless message that we all have something to offer. Alessia Cara has invited us all in. “I’ll be over here,” she reminds us. And we’re all rushing to meet her.

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Coca-Cola Stage

Thursday, July 13 at 9:00 p.m

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