In partnership with 19 to Zero and with a continued focus of Stampeding Safely, we are implementing a prequalification process for guests to enter Nashville North.

Step 1: Get pre-qualified. Show any proof of vaccination (minimum one (1) dose administered two (2) weeks prior to the entry date) or take a COVID rapid test on-site and return a negative result.

Step 2: Get your wristband. After presenting proof of vaccination or receiving a negative COVID rapid test result, you will receive a wristband for access into Nashville North.

Wristband and access to Nashville North is valid for the day of issue only. Nashville North entry requirements will be monitored throughout this year’s Calgary Stampede and operations may adjust as necessary. The most up-to-date information will be available on our website.

Top Tips

  • Plan ahead. If Nashville North is on your Stampede to-do list, complete your pre-qualification right when you arrive at Stampede Park. Locations are conveniently located inside each gate entry (Stampede Main, Olympic, Erlton) and at Nashville North.

  • Snap a photo of your vaccine record and keep it on your phone. Photos of your vaccine record or paperwork from your healthcare provider will be accepted as proof of vaccination.

  • Join the virtual line. Make the most of your Stampede day and join the digital queue. If there’s a line for Nashville North, scan the QR code located outside the venue, join the digital queue and get notified via text when it’s your turn to enter.

  • Planning a return visit to Nashville North? Return visits will be expedited with the previous proof of vaccination that you have on file and a new wristband will be issued to you.