Grounders’ home base is an overflowing garage in Toronto’s West End, but the roots of their new album Coffee & Jam stretch much farther west. Since releasing their debut self-titled LP in 2015, the band - Andrew Davis (vocals and guitar), Daniel Busheikin (keyboards), Mike Searle (Bass) and Evan Lewis (guitar) and Kurt Marcoux (drums) - have logged countless hours on the road, touring throughout Canada and the U.S. Somewhere down the line of empty motels, sand dunes and vast, dry American landscapes, their dreamy psych pop turned dark and unsettling.

Grounders was formed in 2010 and has performed at festivals like SXSW, CMJ, NXNE, CMW, Sled Island, Rifflandia, Tomorrow Never Knows, among others. Their music has appeared on the soundtrack of a first-person shower simulation video game called Rinse And Repeat and has been played for the studio audience of The Price Is Right. Drew Carey is a fan.

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Coca-Cola Stage

July 14: 2:30 p.m.