Why the name Ghostboy?

Have you ever watched Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Garth Brooks or Justin Beiber and been able to name the members in their band? The unknown heroes behind some of the most popular acts could be considered a Ghostboy.

Here we have just that. Denis Dufresne and Aaron Young (2 multiple award winning session and live players) met at 19 years old and had toured the world before the age of 22. World Instrumental Music was the genre and by the time they reached 25, had been played on every PBS station, documentaries and were part of “The Hottest Fiddle Show in the World” as dubbed by the Walt Disney Corporation.

The 2 moved on to explore other musical passions. Aaron became a sought after Guitarist and Vocalist in the Jazz community in Canada and Denis became a sought after player in the country music genre garnering him 5 CCMA’ awards for Instrumentalist of the Year. Together again, they are putting their superb playing, vocals and songwriting abilities together as Ghostboy. As country as The Eagles and as Rock as Blue Rodeo, the full band (Bass, Drums, Guitar, Fiddle and Mandolin) has been receiving rousing standing ovations wherever they play. This band separates the men from the boys…..and, rest assured, these guys won’t be Ghost’s for long!

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Coca-Cola Stage

July 5: 2:30 p.m.