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July 3-12 2015

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The D Ranch is a testament to the longevity of the Highwood River Valley ranches and the people in southern Alberta. After years of working at the Bar U Ranch, Edwin Cartwright established the D Ranch. The Cartwright family continues to operate it today. 


1889 John Thorpe established a homestead and the 86 ranch.
c. 1900 Environment Canada’s Pekisko station was established. It was in operation until 1986. Edwin Cartwright, who previously worked at Bar U and several other outfits, worked for Thorpe, later becoming his partner.
1909 Edwin Cartwright and John Thorpe acquired the D cattle brand. The Cartwright family has owned the ranch ever since.

The D Ranch is located in the beautiful big foothill range country west of High River, their summer range extending back into the high valleys of the Rockies. Well-watered and provided with excellent shelter and good native grass, it is an ideal location for raising beef cattle.”


Fred Ings

Image Below Credit: Glenbow Archives NA-5216-1 Stephen James Cartwright, 1963

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