Clayton Bellamy & The Congregation

A veteran in the country music industry with a career spanning over 15 years,Clayton Bellamyis a true renaissance man; award winning musician, family man and even Motorcross racing star, once ranking 4thin Canada.Originally from  rural  Bonnyville,  Alberta,  he  is  surely  no  stranger  to  the  world  of  country  music  with  a  career  filled  with accolades  and  achievements  including  multiple  awards  (such  as  a  Juno  for  Best  Country  Recording,  a  four  time Canadian  Country  Music  Award winner,  and  SOCAN  Songwriter  of  the  Year).Bellamy  has  dominated  the  stage performing  at  the  Grand  Old  Opry  and  even  for  President  Carter,  and  is  best known  for  his rock n’ country style, reflected in both his music and fashion sense (with a little inspiration from Marlon Brando’s Wild Ones).He is an artist  who  believes actions  speak  louder  than  words,  a  statement  which  holds  true  throughout  his  successful career as both a solo artist and notably, a member of the award-winning band The Road Hammers.

Bellamy’s career began in a small farming community and throughout the course of many years, has journeyed him  to  faraway  lands  performing  in  China,  and  was even  featured  in  People  magazine  and  the  NY  Times  for  his amazing musical talents. Whether on stage as a solo artist or with his band mates, Bellamy’s performance style is filled  with  high  energy,  being  extremely  interactive  by  always  encouraging  crowd  participation  and  in  his  words, “bombastic fun”.Bellamy shares “my new solo music is a blend of both my own vibes and The Road Hammers sound, a mix I believe my fans will really enjoy –a best of both worlds as they say.

”Already  with  5-albums  under  his  belt,  and  a  new  album  set  to  be  released  in  early  2012,  Bellamy  composes  his songs wherever and whenever he can find a quiet spot to write his lyrics.With his inspiration for his music being based  upon  personal  experiences  and  everyday  encounters,  he  creates  songs  that  inspire others  and  uplift audiences.“Real music for real people” he says is where his musical heart truly lies.Speaking  to  the  next generation  of  country  music  aficionados, a voice  for  the  young  and  old,  he  strives  to  writes  songs  that  will  stand the test of time.His musical influences run far and wide across many genres, including such personal favourites asBruce Springsteen and Tom Petty.This year he will release his new single “Everyone’s A Dreamer” on Boxing Day, a song highlighting  more personal musical inspirations, notably found in Bellamy’s signature sound.Bellamy hopes this song will encourage his fans to “kick off the New Year with a bang of passion and drive to chase their hearts desire!”A variety of his personal influences continue to be featured on additional tracks such as“Heart of Wings”, a song he aspires to resonate with his fans for years to come, complete with diverse instrumentation.

Currently a member of the MDM Recordings Inc. family, Bellamy’s musical style is frequently described as “Roots Rock Music.”Performing has been a passion of Bellamy’s since he was a kid growing up participating in both his church  choir  and  school  choir,  which  had  helped  him  hone  his  love  for  music.Although  he attended  College  at R.D.C  in  Reddeer  Alberta  completing  the  Music  diploma  program  (majoring  in  Vocal  Performance  and  Music Business),  his  musical talents flourished  through  his  passion  for  composing  his  own  music,  writing  his  own  lyrics and playing instruments like the harmonica, the piano, and especially the guitar.

When  Bellamy  is  not  composing  music,  or  performing  on  stage,  he  and  his  family  volunteer  their  time  to  several charitable initiatives such as the Greater Nashville Church  Missions in Bogota Columbia, Compassion Canada, and the Northern Lights School Division (in which he is an ambassador for the music program).He exclaims, “In March I will go to see 4000 kids in 5 days in Northern Alberta, and speak to them about following their dreams and show them that everyone can be a dreamer.This new project was the inspiration in creating my new single.”Currently based  in  Nashville,  Bellamy  is  married  with  two  children,  and  enjoys  hobbies such  as  snowboarding,  motorcycle touring,  hunting,  fishing,  and  wake  boarding.Family  is  an  important  aspect  of  his  life  and  musicalpath,  having grown  up  on the  same  street  as  his  parents  and  grandparents,  a  magical  place  where  he  also  met  his  wife  (and childhood sweetheart).Bellamy’s biggest dream would be, in the words of Mahatma Ghandi, “to be the change I want to see in the  world.”Metanoiais his favourite  word, and is truly reflective of his  personal and professional life path over the last few years, which has shaped the honest, hard working man he is today.

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