If Calgary Stampede founder, Guy Weadick, were to pitch the Big Four financial backers in a bar, what would that bar look like?

The answer? Bar Nineteen Twelve.

Bar Nineteen Twelve is the Calgary Stampede’s newest restaurant and cocktail lounge on Stampede Park, which opened its doors for the first time during our 10-day celebration in 2019. But this isn’t your average restaurant and cocktail lounge—Bar Nineteen Twelve is an elevated experience, spoiling the senses from the moment you walk into the lavishly designed and well-conceptualized venue.

From the rich, plush décor and accents, to the dimly lit, intimate atmosphere, Bar Nineteen Twelve is a unique, hidden gem. But the thoughtfulness doesn’t stop at the design; Bar Nineteen Twelve offers one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted cocktails and culinary creations.

The cocktails on the menu are creations of our skilled team of imaginative mixologists. From infusing premium liquor with distinct flavors, to taking cocktails to the next level with unexpected garnishes, like ice pops and candied ginger, the curated cocktails at Bar Nineteen Twelve are not to be missed. The cocktail list is continuously updated, with featured drinks being created for different events taking place on Stampede Park.

Here are our top three, must-try curated cocktails on the current menu:

Green Tea Infused Martini

This refreshing and light cocktail sees green tea steeped Bombay Sapphire gin mixed with dry vermouth and topped with ginger infused cucumber ribbons and candied ginger. The best way to experience this cocktail? Take a sip of the drink, bite into the candied ginger and then take another sip of the cocktail to take in the full flavor palate.

The Opening Act

This vibrant, floral cocktail is the perfect mix of Crème du Violette, lime juice, prosecco, rose water and butterfly pea flower. Not only does this cocktail derive much of its haunting colour from flowers, it’s also delightful on the palate. What makes this drink extra special is that it was created just for Cirque du Soleil Luzia’s run on Stampede Park. When Luzia ends on Stampede Park, so will The Opening Act, so come in and try it while you can.


Just like the alcoholic counterparts on the menu, the featured mocktail is consistently reimagined. The current mocktail feature was also created as a nod to Cirque du Soleil Luzia. This mocktail is perfect for younger family members and is sure to provide a dazzling thrill. Cotton candy tops a lime juice base and is served with a side of soda. When poured over the lime juice and cotton candy, the soda creates a magical colour-changing reaction.

In addition to the curated cocktails on the menu, Bar Nineteen Twelve also boasts the most extensive list of Scotch and Bourbon on Stampede Park.

All of these cocktails are found on the current menu, in tandem with a number of upscale eats, made with fresh ingredients and local produce.

For more information, to make reservations, or for hours, visit the Bar Nineteen Twelve website.