The Maker Market, a section of The Market in BMO Centre, features one-of-a-kind, Canadian-made, hand-crafted goods. With rotating vendors in the area throughout Stampede, there is no short supply of fun, interesting and unique gifts and souvenirs to bring home or gift to someone else! Bonus: if you are shopping at select vendors, you can also feel extra good about your purchase, as they will be giving back to a variety of causes that are near and dear to their hearts.

Blackfoot Rocks & Gems, July 8 – 11
Troy Knowlton was gifted a buffalo stone from his grandfather; a powerful sacred object of the Blackfoot people. Many years later, that stone came back into Troy’s life, transforming Troy from a struggling artist to a leader of a nation. Blackfoot Rocks and Gems are created by Troy and some very special friends from the Calgary Rock & Lapidary Club (CRLC), right here in Calgary. Their ammolite gemstones, jewelry, rocks and fossil jewelry are proudly handmade by Troy and his wife. Better yet, Blackfoot Rocks and Gems supports First Nations athletes, including many baseball and hockey teams.

IMPaper, July 4 – 14
IMPaper has been a part of the Maker Market community since it’s beginnings in 2017. With a belief that she has a responsibility to advocate for a better world and to leave the world in a better place, Christine Phan started ImPaper in 2015. Out of her love for paper goods and passion for design, sustainability and giving back, for every product purchased, a contribution is made towards a charitable cause.

Local Laundry, July 11 – 14
Local Laundry is a made-in-Canada clothing company. Their goal is to build community and give back to Canadian charities through locally inspired garments. Not only will you look cool in their gear, but you’ll be supporting a company paying it forward in five different ways. Each month, Local Laundry donates 10 per cent of its profits to a not-for-profit organization in need. Every three months they also host a “Start-up and Beers” networking event, where attendees’ donations go to a charity that everyone votes on. If you’re curious about the other three creative ways that Local Laundry gives back, visit their website.

YYC Beeswax, July 8 – 14
YYC Beeswax is a farm to table operation—or to anywhere you’d love to place your candle. Almost entirely from their own apiary, they harvest honey and wax to make candles, beauty and home products. But there is more to love; this is a company that believes in giving back to the community they live and work in. They are proud supporters of the educational programs run by Apiaries and Bees for Communities (A.B.C.). With every lip balm purchased (large or small, custom or not), YYC Beeswax donates $0.25 to A.B.C.
The Maker Market can’t stop waxing on about supporting local makers. This Stampede, make sure your stop by the Maker Market! For a preview of all of our vendors, check out the Maker Market website.