We are certainly settling into our roles and getting geared up! While Stampede is just around the corner, I wanted to take a minute to highlight what truly was a trip of a lifetime that we were lucky enough to go on.

It happens fast around here; we got the call on Tuesday that we were leaving Friday for Paris, France! WestJet was taking its inaugural flight to Paris, direct from Calgary and they invited us to go along.

The four of us – Princess Keily, Queen Carly,First Nations Princess Astokomii and I – were beyond excited. For Keily and I, it was our first trip to Paris, and we were so glad to have Carly and Astokomii to show us around.

The flight on the Dreamliner was wonderful! We were able to avoid jet-lag because the plane has new technology that manages the cabin pressure, which helps with jet lag and in-flight sickness.

 Our arrival in Paris!

We spent our first day sightseeing as much as we could. We took a river cruise down the Seine, which is a spectacular way to see the city. Then we walked up the Eiffel Tower. It was amazing to see how every building was made with so much attention to detail. One of my favourite parts was sitting outside on a street café with these amazing women that I am spending my year with.

We did a hop-on hop-off bus tour around Paris the next day and got to see the entire city. We saw the Arc de Triomphe, the Sacre-Coeur, the Grande Palais Champs Elyssee, and so many other amazing aspects of French history. As a history student, it was very intriguing for me to see some of the places I had learned about. We did drive past the Notre Dame, but the reconstruction efforts after the fire prevented us from getting close.

That evening, we donned our leathers and went to the private residence of the Canadian Ambassador to France, Isabelle Hudon. 

At the residence of the Canadian Ambassador to France, Isabelle Hudon, with Mayor Nenshi

 The reception hosted the dignitaries from the Dreamliner flight to celebrate the connection between Paris and the west. She gave a wonderful speech, recognizing the importance of the connection of the two countries, especially given our deep connection to France in our Canadian roots.

We flew home the next day. Our trip may not have been very long, but it is one I will never forget a minute of.