Written by Ted Stovin
Shown and owned by Walt Bowen of Liberty, Utah, Smart Pink Cat won the first go of the Open Classic Challenge at the Calgary Stampede Cutting Horse Futurity presented by Wrangler.

On Thursday afternoon the six-year-old stud scored a 223.5, the top mark of the five-judge event so far, to earn $1,233.09 inside the Nutrien Western Event Centre at Stampede Park.

Smart Pink Cat is a product of WR This Cats Smart and is out of Pinky’s Little Sue.

“I’ve had him since he was a two-year-old, started him and he’s been phenomenal all the way along,” Bowen said. “I haven’t been showing that long and he pretty much taught me how to show. It was nice having a horse that good to make me look better.”

Bowen didn’t need any help, he’s put the work in and knows his horse.

“When I worked for Brian [Anderson] it was at a ranch that Frank Vandersloot owned, and he used to raise all his horses there and Brian showed them. Then Frank was getting out of the cutting and selling all his horses and he was actually supposed to go to the Fort Worth Futurity sale as a long yearling,” Bowen said of Smart Pink Cat.

“The day before he went, he did his mouth and he had something wrong with his teeth so he was like ‘Ah he can’t go.’ So that’s how I ended up buying him. It worked out good for me. I actually fitted all the horses that were going to the sale and I liked him. He was always just quiet. Just the way he looked at you and his demeanor and everything about him you know?

“His grandma is Mereda’s Little Sue, she won $800,000 and all her babies have been really phenomenal. I think you’ve gotta have a good stud but you’ve gotta have a good mare too to make a good horse.”

As a stud horse, look for some offspring by this cat in the coming years.

“He’s got a two-year-old and a yearling and we bred some mares to him this year,” Bowen said. “We haven’t really pushed the breeding yet that much, just kinda did some of our own and some of our friends. Next year we are going to promote him and try to breed him more.”

For being a stud, this cat is well behaved.

“He’s really smart, he’s never studdy when you come to the shows,” Bowen said. “At home he’s studdy a little bit. I keep him minded pretty good, I always have, but he’s really smart. If you get mad at him for doing this, he’s like ‘Ah I better not do that.’

“But most WR’s, they are a little bit wild I would say. A lot of people don’t like them because of that, but me personally, I like that. They are all really smart. [He] won’t buck but he’ll be hoppin’ around, real happy at home when you warm him up and stuff, just feeling good. But it’s kinda fun to me.”

A former roper, Bowen did once aspire to be a bronc rider, fitting for the hop in Smart Pink Cat once in a while.

“I just treat him like a horse,” Bowen said.

“He’ll move cows at his Grandpa’s on him and take him up the mountain. He’s pretty normal,” Bowen’s girlfriend, Samantha Goodman, added.

“That’s what I do with all my horses, treat ‘em just like show horses, cow horses,” Bowen said

The plan seems to work since the 223.5 is the highest mark of the week so far and Bowen’s with Smart Pink Cat.

“As far as a five-judge system,” Bowen said. “I’ve marked, on a one judge I’ve marked a 77 this year, 76, 75’s. On the two-judge deal I’ve marked 150’s and stuff.”

The run so far and potential for a huge check on Saturday makes the trip worthwhile. So do the people of this great city.

“Everybody up here is all so friendly and so nice, they all want you to do good and the place is fantastic,” Bowen finished.

Justa Swingin Cat won the aggregate and finished in a tie for third in the second go with a 217 on Thursday in the Open Futurity. Winning the second go with a 220.5 for $2,083.49 was Shalikos Captain Jak ridden by Shad Platt of Orland, California, owned by Shaliko Ranch in Palo Cedro, California.

Catty Short ridden by Carl Gerwien of Nanton, owned by Willow Spring Ranch, also of Nanton, split the first go of the Non-Pro Futurity with Royal N Catty, ridden by Shari Gallagher of Langley, BC, owned by Gallagher Livestock Inc. of Coldstream, BC. Both scored a 219.

Official results from Day 2 of the Calgary Stampede Cutting Horse Futurity presented by Wrangler at the Agrium Western Event Centre on October 11th, 2018.

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The Calgary Stampede Cutting Horse Futurity presented by Wrangler continues from October 12 to 14 at the Nutrien Western Event Centre at Stampede Park.

Friday features the second round of the Open Classic/Challenge, Round 2 of the Open Derby and Round 1 of the non-pro Classic/Challenge.

Events run daily starting at 8 a.m. MST running until 7 p.m. on Friday, 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sunday. Admission is free.

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