Holly Flegal & Jake Sawyer, 2018 Historical Collections Assistants

As the 2018 Historical Collections Assistants, we were lucky to spend two months working with Stampede artifacts and learning a lot about collections management.  Today we’re going to share with you some of what we learned, and some of our favourite objects from the Stampede Archives.

At the very beginning of our time with the Calgary Stampede, we learned a lot about the basics of archives and collections including how to handle, inspect, and properly catalogue and store artifacts.

We were able to assist in the development of an exhibit about the Calgary Stampede Archives that was displayed in Quirk Cabin in Weadickville during the 10-day festival, and we assisted with media events as part of the Community Engagement and Communications team.  We definitely didn’t anticipate how much we would be involved in, but we loved the chance to learn and broaden our horizons!

During our time at the Stampede, we also discovered some really interesting objects, so we decided to share our top four favourites with you:

  1. A can of ‘Cayooscrap’. A literal can of dirt to give your boots that worn-in look.
  2. A letter from Guy Weadick, founder of the Calgary Stampede. The archives have several letters from Guy, and we think they’re fascinating, especially because they’re printed on his personal stationary.
  3. Commemorative coins. These coins could be purchased as souvenirs and used as actual currency during stampede!

  4. A 1912 souvenir pennant. This pennant has survived since the very first Stampede, and it’s so cool to be able to interact with a tangible piece of history.

We were only at the Stampede for a few weeks, but in that time we’ve had an amazing experience!

Holly Flegal & Jake Sawyer, 2018 Historical Collections Assistants