“Let’s hear it for Kibbles & Beats!” the Canine Stars announcer enthusiastically welcomes Stampede Showband Drumline Alumni members to the stage. These talented musicians and colour guard members have completed their time in the Stampede Showband, even travelled the world with the high-performing group, and some continued their music performing careers participating in bands in the United States. Now, they’re back in Calgary to kick-off every DogBowl performance in the Stampede Corral with an exciting twist.

Introducing Kibbles & Beats – members of the Stampede Showband drumline alumni, performing at the DogBowl during Stampede 2018.

“It’s an awesome way to involve the alumni and a good challenge to drum again in a group in front of large audiences every day,” shares one Stampede Showband alumni on his experience performing at the DogBowl. “The Stampede Showband instilled such a hard-working work ethic, and high standards, that now that is what I have to live up to and continue in every performance.”

The Showband drumline alumni are an integral part of the DogBowl show throughout the entire performance – helping to cheer on the dogs as they perform their tricks. 

The DogBowl drumline features performers from various years of the Stampede Showband. “It’s cool to be in the group with people who used to be my instructors – and now we drum together,” one alumni said.

After maxing-out at age 21 from the Stampede Showband, it’s common for members to return to the group in instructor roles – as well as for the Calgary Stetson and Roundup bands.

Acting as an instructor isn’t the only way to contribute to the Showband; alumni members like Max Foxall work to compose music for the band. Foxall is the lead of the DogBowl group, Kibbles & Beats, and composed their songs.

“I tried to incorporate beats for the audience to follow along, in 2’s and 4’s, to keep the show’s energy up and audience interaction high,” Foxall explains.

Kibbles & Beats drumline cheer the Canine Stars on as they enter the DogBowl through the Calgary Stampede dog house.

While some Showband alumni chose to stay in Calgary and give back to the bands in various ways, others have left to perform for high-calibre bands in the United States. Boston, Colorado, Portland and Chicago have all acted as home to alumni continuing to pursue their performance drumming.

Returning to Calgary, these alumni are thrilled to be included in the Calgary Stampede again. “It’s a great honour to perform at the DogBowl and an awesome step forward to include alumni members in drumming outside of the marching band world.”

Kibbles & Beats

When asked if the alumni group had any advice for youth thinking of joining the Stampede Showband, it was almost a collective “go for it!” Find more information on joining the Stampede Showband here.

Watch for the Showband Drumline Alumni to welcome every dog and Canine Stars performer onto the field with an energetic beat, and to keep the energy high during the entire show. DogBowl show times can be found at http://calgarystampede.com/dogbowl.

Specialty wardrobe was created for Kibbles & Bits including drums, hats and shirts.