The Calgary Stampede Midway prides itself on providing you with fun—and sometimes crazy food experiences by encouraging our vendors to take a twist on old classics to push your taste buds to the limit! Over the years, creative new dishes have left your stomach rumbling with excitement, and even your hands reaching for a cold glass of water to tame the heat!

Crazy Pizza

In 2010, the Cricket Pizza had guests hopping down the Midway to try this crunchy delight!

Scorpion pizza

2014 brought a daring new friend to the Midway, topping pizzas with seasoned scorpions, making the Scorpion Pizza a hot food to try!

Worlds Hottest Pizza

This brings us to 2017, where the World’s Hottest Pizza was introduced to the Midway, infused with ghost peppers! This pizza required a waiver and left even the biggest dare devils in need of some cooling down afterwards.

Crispy Chicken Feet

The Calgary Stampede Midway has not limited itself to only crazy pizzas over the years!

In 2017, we brought you a very daring FEET-TURE, Crispy Chicken Feet! The name speaks for itself.

So what daring dishes does The Greatest Show on Earth bring to the Midway this year you ask?

James Radke, Midway Operations Manager at the Calgary Stampede has informed us that there are more than 60 new foods coming to the Midway this year!

“We try to create a great list every year that triggers an emotional response in people,” says Radke.

With the 2018 list of daredevil foods, you need to have a strong stomach to try these extreme dishes out!

Criket Grilled Cheese

The bugs are back! Try a new delicacy—Cricket Grilled Cheese. Made with a four cheese blend on thick Texas-style toast and topped with a generous serving of crickets, this grilled cheese has an extra little crunch!

Cricket caramel apple

You will also be hopping down the midway with this sweet, creepy, crawly and Cricket Caramel Apple! These honey, oven-roasted crunchy guys are the world’s most sustainable protein and love caramel just as much as you!

Cheesy Chicken Hearts

Slightly spicy and crispy on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside, these Cheesy Chicken Hearts are bringing a little extra LOVE to the Midway! We dare you to come out and get your heart beating with this new delicacy.

Giant Squid on a stick

A giant squid, soaked in a seasoning bath for hours, breaded in a mixture of flour and spices and deep fried for maximum crunchiness. With your choice of salt and pepper or curry pepper seasoning, the Giant Squid on a Stick is a must try.

Goats Head soup

This hearty Goat’s Head Soup is packed with tripe, dumplings, carrots and yams, all in a goat’s head broth, and it is sure to thrill your taste buds! Traditionally known in Jamaican culture as Manish Water, this tasty soup is said to be able to heighten your senses.

And last but most definitely not least…

Prairie Oyster Balls

Classic mini doughnut Bear Balls, topped with the balls of a bull—literally. The Prairie Oyster Balls are drizzled with house-prepared blueberry compote and topped with a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkled with crushed nuts. Being at home in the prairies, will you step up and try the Prairie Oyster Balls?

With these six daredevil foods, the 2018 Calgary Stampede Midway is opening up your taste buds up to the ultimate challenge!

… Do you dare?