Calgary Stampede Shareholders gathered at BMO Centre on Tuesday, March 27, 2018, casting their ballots and taking their seats at the Annual General Meeting.

“We are in the midst of growth and change that I hope inspires you to continue to build on the great work you’re already doing,” said David Sibbald, President & Chairman of the Board.

“We are so fortunate to be part of Stampede at this time. We are here to foster the next generation of community builders, so that future generations can enjoy what Stampede offers to the community,” added Sibbald.

The evening was one filled with promise and growth. Shareholders showed engagement and empowerment by bringing forward change to support the evolving leadership requirements of the organization. Warren Connell advises, “The organization thanks the Shareholders for their passion and commitment toward positioning the leadership of the organization.”

“Our Strategic vision and direction remains more relevant than- ever. We have the support of the community for that vision and direction, and we have the passion of our people behind it,” said Connell, “It’s important that we keep moving the Stampede forward, finding new opportunities, and trying new things. If our team is moving forward together, then success will take care of itself.”

The Stampede’s board is currently comprised of 20 shareholder-elected directors, four government-appointed directors and five appointed board members. This year, the Calgary Stampede is pleased to welcome Sandy O’Connor, Dave Lougheed and Wendy Tynan to our board of directors, as well as returning directors Toni Dixon, Tom O’Leary, Will Osler and Paul Polson.

With David Sibbald now in the second year of his two-year term as President & Chairman of the board, the Stampede continues to move forward with its vision, through the objectives of the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan.

“When someone asks me what the Calgary Stampede is all about, the answer is simple. It’s about engaging our community and creating a gathering space for the community now and for generations to come,” said Sibbald. “The strong partnerships between our volunteers and employees are what set us apart from other organizations. It’s this team work that drives us forward and helps us to achieve the amazing things that we do.”

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The board of directors, as voted by the shareholders are:
Front row (Left to right): Steve McDonough, Second Vice-Chair, David Sibbald, President & Chairman of the Board, Dana Peers, First Vice-Chair
Middle row (Left to right): Brian Malkinson, MLA Calgary-Currie, Bob Park, Lesley Conway, Stuart O’Connor, Wendy Tynan, Toni Dixon, Kate Thrasher, Garry Holbrook, Sandy O’Connor, Elizabeth Burke-Gaffney, Will Osler
Back row (Left to right): Dale Befus, Greg Kwong, Tom O’Leary, Maggie Schofield, Paul Polson, Bill Gray, Immediate Past-President, Roc Spence, Dave Lougheed, Shane Doig, Dave Lantz, Marcel Coutu and John Third.
Not pictured:
Mayor Naheed Nenshi
Councillor Joe Magliocca
Councillor Ward Sutherland

Learn more about each person, here.