They’re back at it again! In 2018 the Calgary Stampede Showband will be travelling to the United States for two different tours!

From March 22-26, the Stampede Showband Winterguard and Indoor Percussion ensembles will be traveling to California for the Winter Guard International West Power Regionals (WGI Regional). And from August 8 -13, 2018 the Stampede Showband is traveling to Indianapolis, Indiana to compete in SoundSport International Music and Food Festival (SoundSport) and Drumline Battle.

Remember when planking was the coolest thing to do back in 2011? Well that was the last time that the Stampede Showband Winterguard and Indoor Percussion ensembles attended a WGI Regional, since then they have been busy performing across Alberta and in Phoenix, Arizona. This year the Winterguard will be competing in San Diego, California where they will present their show Piece by Piece.

Winterguard is a seasonal colour guard sport performed indoors that makes use of recorded music rather than a live band.

“The production explores life’s trials and tribulations, vulnerabilities and learning to pick up the pieces when things fall apart,” said Michelle Norman, Colourguard Technician.

The Stampede Showband Indoor Percussion will be presenting their show Bright in San Bernardino, California March 22 -26. Both the Winterguard and Indoor Percussion will be competing in the Independent A class category against several different ensembles from California and around the world.

WGI Power Regionals 2010. Photo credit: Rory Siddall

“We are very excited to be going to Indianapolis for the second time in three years to compete in SoundSport and Drumline Battle,” said Ryan Hancock, Manager of Bands at the Calgary Stampede. The Stampede Showband will be competing against groups from the United States and internationally.

At SoundSport in Pan Am Plaza, the band will perform a similar show to that performed on the Saddledome STEPS twice daily during the Calgary Stampede. This performance is an interactive crowd-pleaser that highlights Calgary’s western heritage and will be sure to get guests dancing Watch the video below to see the Stampede Showband perform at SoundSport in 2015.

The Stampede Showband drumline is especially excited to perform in the Drumline Battle in Pan Am Plaza. The performance will bring together world-class drum corps teams in a playful back-and-forth exchange that showcases the youth drummers’ skills, while other band members and local crowds cheer them on.

After performing in SoundSport and Drumline Battle, the Stampede Showband will head to Lucas Oil Stadium to watch the Drum Corps International (DCI) World Championship Finals. Seeing performances from the best drum corps in the world will be a great learning opportunity and treat for members of the band, and they will also be able to cheer on Stampede Showband alumni now playing across the DCI organization in corps such as the Boston Crusaders, Bluecoats, Phantom Regiment, Madison Scouts  and Oregon Crusaders.

Drumline Battle 2015. Photo credit: Rory Siddall

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