One of the coolest perks of working on the Communications team at the Calgary Stampede is being able to spend one afternoon a week in our Stampede Archives. As a history enthusiast, this is a great opportunity to uncover some funky treasures from days of Stampede past. Over the last several months, I have been pursuing a particularly ambitious goal of sorting through thousands of official Stampede pins which we have acquired over the years.

Every year the Stampede gives employees, volunteers and friends an official Stampede pin. Each year, there can be as many as 20 – 30 with different titles, ranging from alumni to director. All of these titles and years can add up to a literal mountain of metal! Almost all of the pins that I have sorted came to the Stampede through the generosity of volunteers and others who have inherited a pin collection from a relative, or kindly bequeathed their own to Stampede. While the Stampede has an extensive collection of pins with the majority of titles accounted for, there are a few years with missing titles. So, with enthusiastic vigor, I set myself upon the intimidating task of finding these elusive pins!

Over the course of my search I uncovered some very fascinating and rare pines, some of which were donated and others that we already had in our collection. So without further ado, I present 10 of the most interesting pins I came across on my journey:

The oldest pin in the collection: a 1907 souvenir pin from the Calgary Exhibition five years before the first Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.

The very first official Calgary Stampede pin from 1912. “Sunny Alberta”!

The Stampede gets its groove on with the 1978 pin

Honouring Canada’s changing seasons in the 1925 souvenir pin.

Thunderstruck in 1981.

A salute to music in 1990.

1977’s companion pin, a nod to Indigenous culture.

Walking tall in 1964

Continuing the celebration.  The 1970 Past President pin.

Quintessentially 80s: Director 1987

The Calgary Stampede has a very comprehensive collection of pins and is proud to continue this great tradition of metallurgy. Stay tuned for the 2018 Stampede pins!