From the world’s largest curling rink, to a casino, the Big Four is a building with many stories to tell. But it’s more than just the stories that make this building special, it’s truly a gathering place for the community. And with the latest renovations now complete, you and your friends can come and enjoy live music and events at Calgary’s newest live entertainment destination – The Big Four Roadhouse!

“The Big Four has always been a gathering place that transformed to reflect the needs and wants of the community and the new Roadhouse is a great example of that spirit continuing today,” says Greg Newton, director of business development at the Calgary Stampede.

The new space features 60,000 sq. ft., a permanent stage, built-in bars, capacity for up to 4,000 people and a state of the art in-house sound and lighting system. The Big Four Roadhouse aims to increase the number of performers that come to Calgary on their  tours by adding a fresh space for Calgary’s growing music scene.

” This is one of the few venues in Calgary that has a capacity this size and the ability for musicians to plug-in-and-play, making it a sought after performance space,” added Newton.

The Big Four Roadhouse, 2017

A look back at the Big Four over the years

1959, the beginning of The Big Four!


The Big Four Building used to hold the world record for the most curling sheets in one rink. When the Big Four Building opened in 1959, it had 24 curling sheets on the lower level during the winter months. It became so popular with curlers that the size was doubled in 1960, making the Big Four the world’s largest indoor curling rink with 48 sheets. The Big Four hosted nearly 8,000 curlers a week during curling season.

The Big Four has also housed indoor tennis courts, a casino, food and entertainment attractions for the annual Stampede and tradeshows.   


The Big Four underwent significant repairs after the 2013 flood.