On September 13 I participated in #AskACurator Day on Twitter and Facebook. While the Stampede does not have a museum, and my official title is not curator, I thought this was a great opportunity to share some more information about the archives and collections.

#AskACurator day is facilitated by Mar Dixon, a UK based museum professional and founder of Culture Themes, Museum Camp, and Teens in Museums, among many more! All of these initiatives provide a great opportunity to interact with more visitors, have conversations with other professionals, address difficult issues and have fun with topics like #museumselfie.

I was able to answer some interesting questions. In case you missed it, here are a few of my Q&A’s (though some are expanded here a bit!).

Take a photo of an object in your collection that is your favourite colour.

This is a Stampede souvenir pennant. We do have older ones, but this one is my favourite colour!


What exhibitions have you recently seen or heard about that you really love/appreciate?

The Kent Monkman Shame and Prejudice exhibit that just closed at Glenbow was very powerful and so necessary. It addressed very difficult subjects, in such an interesting way. I still need to see the Treaty 7 exhibition at Fort Calgary.

Since winding up in one yourself, how much do you get to other museums?

All the time! I love to visit museums; I’ve planned trips around certain exhibitions before. It’s just a little different now- I also think about lighting, labels, etc that most visitors wouldn’t. I can’t help it.

What is the newest or most recent item in your collection?

I recently acquired a hand coloured photo of Flores LaDue (see below). So recently, I haven’t catalogued it yet!

Do curators fangirl/fanboy over other curators?

Yes! Locally, I’d been hoping to work with Rebecca and her staff at the Firefighter’s Museum of Calgary. They do such great things and aren’t afraid to think outside the box. I was able to work with them recently, and it was awesome!

There are more of my Q&A’s on twitter, and don’t forget to check out some of the other great questions and discussions happening too. There are so many great museums, archives and sites on twitter, from all over the world, who have some really great things to share.