For the first time ever, the Strongman Competition came to the Calgary Stampede! Athletes came to test their limits with events only for the fierce and strong like the Atlas Stone lift, farmers walk carry, squatting bales of hay and even deadlifting the GMC Sierra Denali 3500 HD pickup truck of our very own president & chairman of the board, Dave Sibbald.

“We exceeded our own expectations. There were lot of people that came for both the men’s amateur and pro divisions on Saturday and filled the seats and the grass areas,” Said Nick McMorrow, vice president, Alberta Strongman Association.

The events were separated into amateur and pro divisions for both men and women. In addition, spectators also had the chance to enjoy CrossFit and Powerlifting, as well as information and demonstrations on Strongman, Strongman Kids, MAS wrestling and Highland Games.

“The Stampede has been very generous with assisting in promoting the event, accreditations for volunteers, providing water and resources to ensure the events were a success.  This was above and beyond our expectations,” added McMorrow. “I have feeling we will be back for next year, with a year’s preparation I believe we can make this into one of the biggest Strongman Competitions in North America!”

The winner for the men’s division: Jimmy Paquet

The winner for the women’s division: Allison Lockhart

Spectators trying out Strongman events

Demo station for truck pull

Amy Boyd performing the Atlas Stone Lift

Atlas Stones lined up for the start of the event