By: Melanie Love

Martin Reinhard at his booth at the Calgary Stampede Maker Market.

Any true foodie knows that the right tools in the kitchen are essential to creating flavour sensations.

Knives are often top of the list but all the proper preparation will be for nothing if you aren’t able to generate the proper temperature and even distribution. Many a home cook has been frustrated by foods that stick to the pan without searing, or hot spots in a saucepan while trying to coax a delicate cream sauce into thickening.

That’s where Martin Reinhard, master blacksmith of Willow Creek Forge comes in.  In fact, his 12” carbon steel frying pans have been featured in Avenue Magazine and are the go-to for 22 top chefs competing at the Canadian food championships finalist event in Edmonton this month (the winners will form Team Canada at the World Food Championship later this year in Alabama).

Reinhard’s forging skills don’t stop at kitchen tools though.

The Swiss-born craftsman is a fourth generation maker and a past architectural blacksmith champion of the 2001 World Blacksmithing competition held at the Calgary Stampede.  He is also one of the jury selections for the inaugural Calgary Stampede Maker Market, located in BMO Centre (hall A, aisle 1200).

His Mr. Quick Split invention for safely and quickly making firewood kindling was featured on season seven of CBC’s Dragon’s Den, with multiple investors competing to help him bring his idea to market.  Reinhard was successful in getting a funding offer from his pitch!

Martin also creates hand-forged pieces that include: lamps, fireplace screens and accessories, sculptures, tables, lamps and other custom works of art.  Martin has created pieces for movie stars, businesses, custom homes and movie sets.