If you’re in need of a motivational boost, watching the Canine Stars at the Dog Bowl is the show for you! Throughout this fast-paced performance, numerous stories are shared about many of the canine athletes and how they came from dire circumstances.

“It’s so inspiring to hear that a puppy found on the street with worms and diseases can turn into a star, performing major tricks in front of large audiences,” one Canine Stars guest shared. “After watching the show it really made me feel like I can do anything and overcome any obstacle!”

Ethan’s resuced Pitbull is a Frisbee champion!

Throughout the performance the Canine Stars hosts encourage guests to adopt their pets when they are considering adding a four-pawed member to their family. Though not all Canine Stars were rescued, all affiliates of the program do encourage adoption from shelters.

The Canine Stars hosts also promote pet owners to have strong interactive bonds with their pets. Keeping dogs’ minds sharp, and engaged, is one key pet to happiness and health. Playing Frisbee, dock-diving into water, jumping games, balancing acts, and running through poles and tunnels are all examples of ways to engage your pet!

So if you’re looking for a fun show for the entire family – this one’s a must-see for Stampede 2017! To find out when Canine Stars are performing on Stampede Park, visit http://www.calgarystampede.com/stampede/shows/dog-bowl and to learn more about the Canine Stars visit http://www.thecaninestars.com/aboutus/.