In a world where different peppers compete for the title of hottest in the world, the Carolina Reaper reigns supreme. This pepper clocks in at 2.3 million on the Scoville Scale (the measurement of the pungency of peppers in heat units), and is putting guest’s taste buds and spice tolerance to the test at Rick’s Pizza on the Midway.

The challenge is simple; you have to eat an entire slice of the pizza without water, milk, or any other liquid for five whole minutes! You are only a cowbell ring away from calling it quits, but if you hold on long enough you can win the day’s prize of $50 US dollars.

To give you an idea of just how hot this pepper is; a Jalapeno pepper is measured at around 2,500 and a Ghost pepper measures at 1 million on the scale.

This contest is for the brave and bold and not for the faint of heart! The contest happens daily at 7 p.m., at Rick’s Pizza on the Midway next to the BMO Kids’ Zone.

Read more about the rules and regulations.

Many have already partaken in the challenge, but only few succeed. Check out the attempts below:

Seven guests came to the challenge on Day one, only three walked away victorious

Do you have what it takes!?