I live with an Aggie Days super-fan. It’s an annual highlight for him; something he asks about throughout the year. And right now the anticipation is high in our house, with the animal-filled adventure just days away. When asked just what it is about Aggie Days that he loves so much, the answer is simple.

“It’s fun and way awesomer than school!”

While I can imagine there are quite a few things that rank as ‘awesomer than school’ when you’re six, not much can compete with Aggie Days in his books.  So who better to ask about some of the top must-see events and must-do activities?  Here are his top five picks with descriptions:

  1. Stock dogs – “Basically they just chase the sheep into the pen.”  He doesn’t make it sound very exciting, but it is! The dogs listen to whistle-commands from their handler who stays on the side the whole time – blowing the whistle in different patterns and pitches to guide the dogs – it’s amazing to watch!

Aggie Days Stampede Park

  1. Wagon rides – “It’s kind of cool because you get to ride around the Stampede rodeo arena and stuff, where they drive monster trucks.”   We may have been to Monster Jam in the Stampede Grandstand a time or two…

Aggie Days Wagon Rides

  1. Dipping your hands in Canola – “It kind of feels tickly, and it feels nice because its all around your hands and it feels like it’s oil and really soft.”  Confession – I love dipping my hands in Canola too!


  1. The ‘Bunnies’ – “They’re fluffy and cute.”  He’s right, the rabbits are definitely fluffy and cute.

  1. The Rodeo –“I like it because people are on horses and stuff and they’re riding around.  I cheer for the cowboys.”  We all cheer for the cowboys!

Aggie Days Stampede Rodeo

Now that you’ve gotten the down-low from a six year old, here are a few more details about Aggie Days.

After moving to its new home in the Agrium Western Event Centre last year, Aggie Days is now expanding into the Agriculture barn. With even more great things to see and do, the fun, free, annual event will be better than ever in 2017.

Between Wednesday, April 5, to Friday, April 7, Aggie Days will welcome thousands of students. Their classes will experience farm life in the city, learn where their food comes from, and enjoy some high-intensity rodeo action on their lunch break.

Now in its 32nd year, Aggie Days opens to the general public on the weekend.

Included in the excitement on Saturday, April 8, is Clock, Stock and Barrel, the fast-paced action of stock dog trials. The event begins bright and early, with the first round taking place from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. The second round is noon to 3 p.m. with the finals beginning at 3:15 p.m.

On Sunday, April 9, see the incredible trust between horse and rider in the Calgary Stampede Spring Extreme Cowboy Race. Each pair must maneuver through a series of obstacles, demonstrating the rider’s horsemanship skills as well as the horse’s athletic ability and speed. The Non-Pro class of the Extreme Cowboy race begins at noon with the Open class to follow.

Don’t forget, this event includes complimentary admission, and is fun for the entire family. Who knows, you may have the next Aggie Days super-fan at your house!