On a football field out behind the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, 13 Calgary Stampede horses and two bulls are settling into their temporary home for the biggest rodeo event of the year, the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Invited to compete because they are among the best-of-the-best, they will carry some of the top competitors in the sport over ten days of rodeo action.

thomas and mack

The trip from the Calgary Stampede Ranch to the glitz and glamour of Vegas isn’t a particularly quick one when travelling with livestock. With frequent stops along the way, Calgary Stampede livestock coordinator Ken Rehill (better known in the rodeo world simply as Goose) made the trip with the stock in three days. Now in Vegas, he’s turned their primary care over to the NFR’s team of caregivers. The animals are housed in a secure area where stock from other contractors is kept as well. Their well-being and safety a number one priority, they are checked regularly as well as fed and cared for.

“They’re settling in well,” said Goose, in the lead up to the big event, “they’re all quiet and relaxed.” He points to the airport flight path as the biggest issue they’ve had to deal with, with planes flying overhead. While not something they’d see at home on the Stampede Ranch, the horses and bulls are pros and easily adjusted to the noise.

With a little rest and relaxation they will be ready to compete come the start of the rodeo December first. And here’s a fun fact about our bucking horses that will be competing this year. Nine of the thirteen horses are offspring of our six time world champion, Grated Coconut.

Grated Coconut competes at the 2009 NFR (photo courtesy PRCA)
Grated Coconut competes at the 2009 NFR (photo courtesy PRCA)











Complete Calgary Stampede Stock List for the National Finals Rodeo

Bareback horses

S-65 Shadow Warrior

S-77 Soap Bubbles

S-83 Special Delivery

T-19 Tootsie Roll

T-29 Trail Dust

X-9 Xplosive Skies

R-82 Reckless Margie


Saddle Bronc horses

T-38 Timely Delivery

S-66 Stampede Warrior

T-65 Tiger Warrior

T-77 Tokyo Bubbles

W-16 Wild Cherry

W-46 Waning Moon



003 Wranglers Extreme

201 Night Moves