After competitions including horsemanship, speeches and a number of other events, the  2017 Royalty have been crowned. We are thrilled to introduce you to Indian Princess, Savanna Sparvier, Stampede Queen, Meagan Peters and Princesses, Brittany Lloyd and Lizzie Ryman. These women will act as official ambassadors of the Calgary Stampede, promoting western heritage and values, in the community and around the world. Additionally, the Stampede Indian Princess will educate people about the rich, vibrant First Nations cultures. Get to know these four accomplished women in the short interviews below!

2017 Royalty
From Left to Right: Princess Brittany Lloyd, Queen Meagan Peters, Indian Princess Savanna Sparvier, Princess Lizzie Ryman

Indian Princess Savanna Sparvier
Savanna is 19 years old and from the Siksika First Nation. Her Blackfoot name is “All Around Snake Woman” which is a third-generation name passed down to her from her Grandmother, who she is named after. Savanna is a ladies traditional dancer is working towards her goal of becoming a teacher in both the English and Drama departments. Savanna is a direct descendant of the last traditional Chief of Siksika (Duck Chief).

How would your friends describe you in two sentences or less?
My friends have always said I have a great sense of humour. I love to laugh and getting people to smile in any situation!

Calgary Stampede Indian Princess 2017

Can you share a Stampede memory with us?
When I was 12 years old, I was the Miss Kookona (Little Girl) Princess. I was in the Indian Village watching the Grand Entry Pow Wow where I saw 2009 Calgary Stampede Indian Princess, Nikkole Heavy Shields. She was glowing with stamina, grace and her overall smile inspired me and made a very big impact on me at that moment. I have looked up to Nikkole ever since that day.

Why did you want to be Indian Princess?
I wanted to run for 2017 Calgary Stampede Indian Princess for my two nieces, Charlie and Diana. It was about a year ago when my sister mentioned a story that my two nieces were debating who was more like me–I never really knew the impact that I could have on someone’s life until I heard about that story. These two, bright, beautiful girls thought of me as their role model and it inspired me to become that hero that my nieces saw me as. I also wanted to encourage others to not be afraid to try new things–courage and kindness are two things I am very passionate about.

What are you most excited about for the upcoming year as Stampede Indian Princess?
I am most excited about travelling to different schools and sharing my stories and experiences. My dream is to become a teacher in both English and Drama. I have always been drawn to the education system, particularly the education system within the Treaty Nations–I want to be able to encourage the youth in these programs not to be afraid, too shy or worried about what others think and just to go out and have the courage to do what you love.

Stampede Queen Meagan Peters
Meagan is 23 years old and from Chestermere, Alberta. She spent four years with her local 4-H club, and rode for the Calgary Stampede Showriders for three years. She is a successful hairstylist and enjoys riding horses, camping, fishing and skeet shooting.

2017 Stampede Royalty 1

How would your friends describe you in two sentences or less?
She is always up for an adventure, a true friend, can always lend an ear when you need it and loves her horse more than most people.

Can you share a Stampede memory with us?
My Stampede memory is from when our Showrider team welcomed Duchess Kate and Prince William on our horses to Stampede Park in front of the BMO Centre in 2012.

Why did you want to be Stampede Royalty?
It has been my dream to be part of the Royal Trio ever since I laid eyes on a horse, (at a very young age). I’ve always wanted to inspire others by being part of the Trio. Stampede is very close to my heart and one of my deep passions! I am truly honoured to be in this position hoping to make the Calgary Stampede proud!

What are you most excited about for the upcoming year as Stampede Royalty?
I am most excited to work with the lovely Princesses Lizzie Ryman and Brittany Loyd. Also to work with the Royalty horses and do our first grand entry—as Lizzie says, “A hot lap!” I am also very much looking forward to representing the Stampede and travelling locally and internationally to promote our western heritage and values!

2017 Stampede Royalty 2

Stampede Princess Brittany Lloyd
Brittany was born and raised in Calgary, where she spent her time competitively show jumping horses and exploring the Canadian Rockies. She received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Colorado in Boulder and competed on the intercollegiate circuit in Western horsemanship. She currently works in the communications field here in Calgary.

How would your friends describe you in two sentences or less?
If you were to ask my friends, they would say I have a kindness for life – particularly for animals. While I am often perceived as outgoing and bubbly, my favourite moments are the quiet ones on the ranch shared with my horses and dog.

Can you share a Stampede memory with us?
Some of my favourite Stampede memories include rounding up the rodeo horses at the Half Brand Ranch and spending time at the beautiful OH Ranch. But watching Mary Walker and Mary Burger in the barrel racing is most definitely a highlight – two very inspiring ladies!

Why did you want to be Stampede Royalty?
I have had the opportunity to host friends and family from all around the world at the Calgary Stampede and I just thought to myself how amazing it would be to do that in an official capacity. I have looked up to the Royal Trio my entire life and it has always been a dream of mine to embody that cowgirl spirit!

What are you most excited about for the upcoming year as Stampede Royalty?
There are so many amazing adventures we are about to embark on – it is impossible to pick just one! I’m so excited to spend time with my fellow Princess, Lizzie Ryman, and Queen, Meagan Peters and the lovely Royalty horses – Hawk, Snoopy and Kansas. I also look forward to getting to know the rest of the Stampede family and building friendships I know will last a lifetime!

Royalty -3

Stampede Princess Lizzie Ryman
Lizzie was born and raised in Calgary. Since she grew up spending a lot of time on her grandparents’ farm, she has a passion for horses and western traditions. Lizzie is entering her fourth year of Criminal Justice at Mount Royal University and would like to become a police officer. She enjoys riding, hiking, hunting, running and training Muay Thai.

How would your friends describe you in two sentences or less?
I believe that my friends would describe me as very positive, personable and outgoing.

Can you share a Stampede memory with us?
One of my favourite Stampede memories would have to be in 2013, my first year as a Ranch Girl. This also happened to be the year that the Calgary Stampede had to pull together and come hell or high water, salvage and save what damage was done by the 2013 floods. As a community, and thanks to the help of countless volunteers, the Calgary Stampede was able to go on. Before every rodeo, there was a video about the floods that would play, as we all stood in the alleyway awaiting grand entry. This would have to be my favourite memory of Stampede as I can very clearly remember the feeling of my horse’s heart beating underneath me, and the adrenaline and pride rushing through my whole body.

Why did you want to be Stampede Royalty?
Becoming a member of the Royal Trio is something that I have dreamed of becoming ever since I was a little girl. I have ridden for the past four years with the Calgary Stampede Ranch Girls. Therefore I have been able to spend lots of time during the 10 days of rodeo with the past Queens and Princesses. Although the sparkly crown is what caught my attention as a little girl, I have grown to love everything that the Royal Trio represents.

What are you most excited about for the upcoming year as Stampede Royalty?
I am most excited to spend the next 12 months getting to know my fellow Royalty, Meagan and Brittany. I am so lucky to have been crowned with two amazing girls who will make fantastic ambassadors for the Calgary Stampede!