On Saturday, September 17, fourteen volunteers from the Community Projects & Development, Next Generation and Promotion volunteer committees participated in the City of Calgary’s Paint the Town program. Through Paint the Town, volunteers paint the exteriors of seniors’ homes, from the trim, to fences, to decks and railings.

The house we went to belongs to a senior who has lived in her home for 59 years–next year, will be her 60th anniversary in the house. She told us that she hadn’t done much to the home since her husband died five years ago.

Stampede Paint the Town
Stampede volunteers with the homeowner. She got to keep the hat!

We painted the trim, her front and back fences and a big wall on the patio. By the end you could see what we had accomplished–it’s amazing what a little coat of paint can do for a house!

We felt really good about being able to help somebody out and make them feel better about the house that they live in. She was so thankful.

Paint the Town Stampede

Participating in Paint the Town is part of a program called Pop Up Neighbours. The idea is that Stampede volunteers will pop up at various community volunteer initiatives and help out. We did the first on in May–participating in the Inglewood Riverbank cleanup.

There are so many ways–big and small–that people can get involved with a group or a charity. It doesn’t have to be big and splashy. You can help with seniors with groceries, shovel someone’s sidewalk. The people you help through Paint the Town may not have much beyond their house–a day’s work will help them appreciate that house for years to come.

Paint the town Stampede 3

As Stampede volunteers, we go out and do a lot in the community that we’ve been requested to do. This effort is different–we are going out into the community and asking if we can help. We get to go out and show people that the Stampede is a lot more than our big event that everybody knows about. In fact, Stampede was built on the idea of giving back to the community.

We’re excited to see where Pop Up Neighbours will take us next.