The Calgary Stampede Queens’ Alumni committee, in partnership with the 4-H committee, and sponsored by Maxim Power Corp., hosted Giddy-Up Rodeo this past weekend, an event for special needs children to come have some fun and try their skills in mock-rodeo events.

“We love participating in the amazing events you hold for the special needs community,” Giddy-Up attendee, Katy Lowe, said. “My son has autism and cannot usually participate in community events and as a result neither can his two sisters.” Giddy-Up Rodeo, and all of the Queen’s Alumni Giddy-Up events, are specially designed so that children can participate in community events at their pace and in a comfortable setting that isn’t over-stimulating and overwhelming. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and it’s an event where everyone can feel accepted.

As soon as you walked through the doors of the beautiful Agrium Western Event Centre guests were immediately greeted by enthusiastic members of the Stampede board of directors, members of the Promotion committee (who were giving out CS branded stamps and showing off their roping skills) and an 11-year-old fiddler to set the tone.

Giddy Up Rodeo 2016 - Agrium


Giddy Up Rodeo - Promotion committee

Giddy Up Rodeo - welcome

Next, the guests were given their own rodeo back numbers, just like the Stampede Champions have and like the 4-H Rodeo competitors who were competing that weekend. Once guests felt the prestige of their official registration, nothing stood between them and their time to shine as rodeo athletes.

Giddy Up Rodeo participants

Children and their families had the opportunity to participate in numerous mock-rodeo events because of the generous help of the members of the 4-H community, who were at Stampede Park competing in their own 4-H Rodeo.Approximately 25 young members of 4-H volunteered their time and expertise to assist the Giddy-Up Rodeo guests.

The 4-H youth taught guests how to rope, pulled guests in mini chuckwagons, led guests on horse rides around the arena, helped them interact with their animals (sheep and miniature donkeys!) and introduced guests to the magnificently massive Willy the Brahma.

Giddy Up Rodeo - roping

Giddy Up Rodeo - chucks

Giddy Up Rodeo horse ride

Giddy Up Rodeo Sheep

Giddy Up Rodeo - bull

After all of the activies the children sure worked up an apetite and everyone joined together for a celebratory BBQ lunch, complete with cake to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Queens’ Alumni Giddy-Up Rodeo! Our volunteers from sponsor Maxim Power Corp. helped cut the cakes that were designed with a Giddy-Up Rodeo back number.

Giddy Up Rodeo - Maxim

Giddy Up Rodeo cake

“It was so wonderful for our family to be included in a city tradition despite the disabilities we deal with. It was so generous of you to do something like this for these kids and also for those special needs siblings who have to sacrifice so much for their brother/sister with a disability,” Lowe shared.

It’s great to see Stampede committees working together, the youth helping youth and everyone having a great time. Thank you to the Queens’ Alumni committee, the 4-H Rodeo committee, Promotion committee and everyone else involved in making this event happen for the community!

And among the guests at the event, there may have even been a few future Queens’ Alumni in attendance to keep the tradition going for another 30 years…

Giddy Up Rodeo Royalty