BMO Kids’ Day was full cute kids in western wear, tons of pancakes, blue thundersticks and….questions.

As part of the Million Question Challenge, the Calgary Public Library joined BMO Kids’ Day to ask curious kids: Imagine you can speak animal (llama, horse, pig, goat, dog, bull, chicken or cow). What questions would you ask the animals?


The million question challenge is a summer challenge and contest for kids to ask questions about the real world and from their imagination. Anything goes.

Some of the questions kids asked today?

“Would you be my pet?”

“Why do you love the mud?” (pig)


“How can I be a dog?”’

“Do you like being part of the Sampede?”

“How did you start talking?”

“Why do dogs sniff grass?”

“Why do you poop so much?”  (asked specifically to cows)

This week at branches across Calgary, kids will be asking all kinds of Stampede-inspired prompts. Stop by your local branch to participate! Kids that sign up can win all kinds of prizes. Check it out!