The Calgary Stampede Lotteries made history last night when the Split’Em 50 pot hit $1 million – and it’s growing by the minute. That means this year’s winner will win more than $500,000—and up to a whopping $1 million! That’s right—there are $2 million worth of Split’Em 50 tickets available.

But only $2 million worth. With half of the tickets already sold and five days left of Stampede 2016, come down to Stampede Park and get in on the biggest Stampede Lotteries jackpot in our history!


If anyone remembers the frenzy over the $700,000 Edmonton Eskimo 50/50 jackpot in 2014, you know how quickly the remaining tickets will go.

Why is the pot so big this year? In the past, the Split’Em 50 was only available to Advance Ticket Lotteries customers followed by a daily draw of Cowboy Cash on Stampede Park.

This year, the Lotteries committee decided to create a progressive pot in hopes that it would become a bigger draw for customers and create a lot of excitement as the jackpot increased.

“With the slow economy, we wanted to find a way to protect our charities,” said Lynn Grant, chair of the Lotteries volunteer committee. “The Rotary Club and Kinsmen Club have worked so hard for us for so many years and we hope that high Split’Em 50 sales will mean that we can give back to the community and increase our support over last year, despite the economy.”

In 2015, Stampede Lotteries donated $1.172 million to benefit the community.

The Rotary and Kinsmen Clubs distribute the money they receive from Stampede Lotteries to various charities throughout Calgary. In 2015, some of these charities included Kids Cancer Care, Inn from the Cold, Calgary Zoological Society and STARS Air Ambulance.

In addition to potentially winning at least $500,000 in the Split’Em 50 draw, you can also win any of these great prizes, including a 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, 2016 limited edition Harley Davidson motorcycle or the most valuable Rotary Dream Home in our history ($924,975).

Don’t miss out on YOUR chance to win—come down to Stampede Park and visit one of the many Stampede Lotteries booths to get your Split’Em 50 tickets. Be sure to get yours today: one for $10, five for $25 and 20 for $50. They are going fast!