The Canine Stars prove it’s possible for any dog to become a confident show dog because most of the dogs featured in the shows have been rescued or adopted.

Ray, one Canine Star, was found on the street when he was only two-years old, with his sister. Any loud or sudden noise would make Ray cower with fear and hide. Now, one of the stars of the Stampede’s new show, the cheers and claps from the audience motivate and encourage him to do the tricks. “We use only positive reinforcement on the dogs,” explained the show’s  host, “encouraging them with toys, treats and praise – including cheering and clapping!” The louder the audience members would cheer, the faster the dogs would run and the higher they’d jump.

frisbee 1
Ray chasing the Frisbee at the Dog Bowl
And he's got it!
And he’s got it!

After hearing Ray’s story, and seeing his confidence catching the Frisbee time and time again, the announcer let the audience in on the secret of training your own pooch at home to catch the Frisbee in long distances and stunts.

  1. Help your dog understand that the Frisbee is a toy and catching it is a game. To do this, begin by wiggling it in front of your dog and playing tug-o-war.

    Help your dog feel comfortable with the Frisbee by letting him/her know it's a toy!
    Help your dog feel comfortable with the Frisbee by letting him/her know it’s a toy!
  2. Next, slide the Frisbee across the floor and the dog will run after it and pick it up. Note: Make sure the Frisbee lid is facing up so the dog can easily grab it with its mouth.
  3. Once your dog is comfortable with this, begin rolling the Frisbee on its edge and the dog will chase it and grab it.
  4. Then, hurray! Time to start throwing. First, throw it in the air, short distances, and gradually increase in distance.
  5. Eventually you will be able to throw the disc far distances and even upwards into the air! The final phase is having your dog jump off of a body part (such as your thigh) to push himself or herself higher into the air to jump further!

Note: The Canine Stars use professional Frisbees that are soft and flexible, making it easier for the dogs to grab.

Remember, all of these steps require your positive reinforcement! So be sure to give your pooch lots of hugs, kisses, good jobs, treats and toys!

Be sure to check out the Canine Stars to see the Frisbee tricks in action! You`ll also see dogs pole bending, racing, skateboarding and dock-diving into the pool!


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