Well the Stampede has officially begun! Rodeo or chucks and ending up at Nashville North sounds like a pretty good day at Stampede, but don’t be good, be great. A cowboy boot wearin’, two-steppin’, all day pub crawl, it’s a Stampede thing! This is the unofficial Stampede Pub Crawl lineup, take a walk with me:


First stop, the beach: Corona Zone is an oasis at the South end of the park, this inviting palm tree party is the perfect place to meet up and have some fun before heading to the rodeo or the GMC Rangeland Derby.

Rest between rides is important: Rodeo and racing action is intense, make sure to stay hydrated. The Hitchin’ Post is here to help and has an amazing new addition this year: the Plains Junction! This brand new patio provides more seating and shade, along with an awesome view of the last turn on the track! There will also be a Bacardi Bar, you wouldn’t want to miss out on that.

Triple B

Hold my beer and watch this: Riding a bull doesn’t look that hard right? Buck up and prove it. Triple B, located just outside the Grandstand, is the perfect place to see who was taking notes at the rodeo. Go head-to-head on the mechanical bulls, loser buys. Disclaimer: chaps not included.

Triple B_2

Don’t forget about food: Head to The Station, located in the lower level of the Big Four, for wings and beer, or grab some food and make your way to the Palm Bay Tiki Hut for a refreshing break. Try the teas, they are perfect for a long day! Forgetting food on this adventure is a rookie mistake.

The only Ten-i-see: Nashville North, live music all day and all night, and the best place to grab a partner and get two-steppin’. This year there will be some amazing food trucks for when you need a dance break! Yahoo!