With Stampede just around the corner, we wanted to ask Calgary: What’s your Stampede style? There are so many ways to do western wear. Here are some of our favourites through the years. Don’t forget to top up your cowboy wardrobe at at Lammle’s Western Wear! Tag your photos of Stampede fashion #mystampedestyle #mywesternwear.

The Classic

Jeans, cowboy boots, belt buckle, button up shirt and hat. This is what the pros wear.

Photo Credit: Shane Kuhn / Calgary Stampede

Sundresses with hat and boots

Perfect for ladies on a sunny summer day. Often worn with a jean jacket.


Matching and adorable


Matching Kids

The Hipster

Embracing classic western with a modern twist. Preferably worn with an ironic mustache.

Photo Credit: Shaun Robinson / Calgary Stampede

Clothes with horses

Like this shirt. Solid.

Photo Credit: Shaun Robinson / Calgary Stampede


Stampede Royalty lead the way in western fashion, and here they are wearing fringe with style. Also, 2014 Indian Princess Carly Weasel Child’s skirt: beautiful.


Double denim, a.k.a. the Canadian Tuxedo

You may not be able to get away with it for the rest of the year, but during Stampede double denim is a rite of passage. Embrace it. Like Bobby Wills.

Photo Credit: Bill Marsh / Calgary Stampede


Who wouldn’t want to wear leather chaps over their jeans when it’s 31 degrees outside? A bold, iconic look.

Calgary Stampede, Friday, July 11, 2014 Photo by Mike Ridewood

T-Shirt and jeans

A more casual take on the classic. Here, Aaron Pritchett shows us you can add your boots and hat to any outfit and you are Stampede ready!

Photo Credit: Bill Marsh / Calgary Stampede

Suspenders and/or Sheriff badge

2014 Parade Marshal William Shatner rocks the leather suspenders and his sheriff badge with confidence.

Photo Credit: Chris Bolin / Calgary Stampede


The bandana looks good and is great to have on hand when you’re getting a little sweaty from walking around on Stampede Park. Win. Win.


Bolo tie

The bolo tie is authentic western and not just for gents—try it, ladies! Harder to see but also note this gentleman’s amazing leather beaded jacket (and sheriff’s badge!).