Last Friday, Bailee, Chelsey, Vanessa and I were lucky enough to be on WestJet’s inaugural flight to London, England.

Stampede Royalty_London
Bringing western hospitality to the gates of Buckingham Palace

We’re so excited that our Calgary homegrown airline (and Stampede sponsor!) is now offering southern Albertans an affordable way to hop across the pond. When it comes to comfort and service that is a true reflection of western hospitality, WestJet is second to none.

WestJet_ Stampede
Line dancing at the airport with our WestJet friends

During our year as Stampede Royalty, we’ve gotten several flights under our belt, including two overseas flights. Here are a few tips we’ve picked up along the way:

Before you fly:

  • Download WestJet’s awesome app. You can check in, check your flight status and download your boarding pass right to your phone. Not to mention WestJet Connect, which gets you access to Internet, movies and TV shows to keep you entertained for your flight!

Things to bring.

To keep you feeling fresh:

  •  Waterless toothbrushes. They’re great for a quick breath freshener and they come in mini sizes that will easily fit in your purse
  • Hand sanitizer. You never know when you might need to give your hands a quick clean.
  • Oil blotting wipes. These little guys can be life savers with the recycled air bombarding your skin, keeping your skin looking fresh and clear.

WestJet is our favourite way to fly - true story

To keep you happy and comfortable:

  • Snacks. WestJet offers great sweet or salty snacks, but sometimes you need a lil’ extra. Like Princess Bailee said, granola bars are my go to. What’s yours?
  • Comfortable footwear is key. For me, that means running shoes. Another thing I’ve learned from flying this year: compression socks are a must. They really help keep the swelling of your feet and calves down which can be important when you want to squeeze them into cowboy boots later!
  • For those of you that need contacts like Princess Bailee and Chelsey, make sure you wear your glasses on the plane to keep your eyes from drying out

Keep up with our trip to London on our Facebook page. And happy travels!

Queen Maggie