2016 New Food

If you love Midway food as much as we do, you may have been following along with our Midway food series. If not, make sure you check out our take on Classic Fair Food, and Deep-Fried Food Memories! As Stampede gets closer and closer (only 65 days away!?) we have been looking back on some of our favourite Midway food.

It’s a yearly tradition to try the wild, new foods that come to the Calgary Stampede each year and to plan out each meal when you’re visiting the park. Summer-after-summer, adventurous new ideas come to The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth and entice guests to become foodies for 10 days.

All the classics you’ve come to love are back…but we’ve also tracked down the most exciting, tasty, and wacky new foods for 2016. With 34 new foods, what will you try first?

Big Pickle Dog

Ever wonder what a hot dog stuffed pickle would taste like? Look no further than the Big Pickle Corn Dog! Get your dilly dog fix.

Big Pickle Dog

PB Dumbbells

Do a rep of these gooey peanut butter bacon balls wrapped and deep fried in home-style corn batter. Topped with chocolate sauce and crispy bacon bits, your appetite does the heavy lifting. Skip the gym – the only dumbbells you’ll curl during Stampede are waiting at the Peanut Butter Cupboard.

PB Dumbbell

Mac and Cheese Stuffed Burgers 

Hand-made beef burger patties get the ultimate cheesy treatment when they’re stuffed with creamy mac and cheese. Top it off with classic burger toppings and this is one you won’t want to miss.

Stuffed Mac and Cheese Burger

Sticky Toffee Bug Balls 

Don’t be alarmed…these tasty deep fried little dough balls are cooked to golden perfection and then tossed in cinnamon and sugar. Our own old fashioned. homemade toffee sauce covers the balls before they are topped with finely chopped medjool dates, taking mini donuts to a gourmet level. They’re then served in a canoe with fresh whipped cream and sprinkled with meal worms and crickets.

Bug Balls

Meatball Sub on a Stick

Classic meatball sub is made portable. Grab your meatball sub on a stick and enjoy that cheesy, meatball goodness anywhere on the Midway.

Meatball sub on a stick

Waffle Cone

The Yummy Tommy Waffle Cone is a rich and warm Hong Kong style egg waffle cooked to perfection and filled with your choice of five different kinds of hard ice cream. To really bring it over the edge you can add fresh strawberries, sweet candies and chocolate Pocky.

Waffle Cone

 Poutine Corn Dog 

Corn Dog: Yes…Poutine: Please…Poutine Corn Dog: YES PLEASE! Naturally cased hot dogs are filled with hash browns and pieces of cheese. This is dipped in corn batter and served up corn dog style.

Poutine Corn Dog

Pink Strawberry Candy Apples

The classic candy apple gets kicked up a notch with a hot pink strawberry candy coating. With a colour that bright, it’s hard to miss!  

Pink Strawberry Candy Apple

Oreo Rice 

Rice gets the Oreo treatment in this sweet treat. Cooked in coconut milk, this rice pudding is infused with and topped with Oreos. This is a classic with a spin. Get your taste buds ready!  

Oreo Rice

Deep Fried Ice Cream

Ice cream gets kicked up a notch when you dip it in batter and deep fry it. Deep fried ice cream is the perfect mix of creamy, crunchy and cool.

Deep Fried Ice Cream

Korn on a Stick

Popcorn gets the sticky, sweet treatment with the addition of chocolate and caramel. Korn on a Stick is a fun, new way to indulge.  

Korn on a Stick

Fruit Infused Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese gets taken to a whole new level. Fruit infused cheese creates a mind blowing, rainbow colored experience. A perfect combination of blueberry, strawberry and kiwi makes this a must try!

Fruit Infused Grilled Cheese

Deep fried Butter Tart

This butter tart is a secret family recipe kicked up a notch. It’s battered and deep fried until crispy and golden. As if that wasn’t indulgent enough – it gets topped with whipped cream and caramel.

Deep Fried Butter Tart

The Godfather Mac & Cheese 

Gourmet macaroni and cheese gets the Godfather treatment when it’s topped with three Italian meatballs and spaghetti sauce. So delicious you won’t be able to #forgettaboutit

The Godfather Mac and Cheese

Salted Caramel Deep Fried Coffee 

Fresh hot deep fried coffee treats drizzled in caramel and Himalayan sea salt. Perfect for your salty sweet cravings! Five different flavours to get your morning fix.

Salted Caramel Deep Fried Coffee

Cantaloupe Lemonade

Winner of the Calgary Stampede’s Best New Drink on the Midway, with their mojito lemonade, brings you a new favourite! This freshly smashed cantaloupe and lemon blend is an eye opener. Made fresh before your eyes, this drink is a tropical delight. Have it ‘au naturel’ or ‘make it dirty’ by requesting a splash of coconut!

Cantaloupe Lemonade

Nutella Glazed Mini Donuts

Classic (mini donuts) meets ultimate (Nutella) for the new ultimate classic. Nutella Glazed Mini Donuts…and yes, they’re on a stick.

Nutella Mini Donuts crop

The Golden Grasshopper Pie Pop

This take on the classic grasshopper pie has a creme de menthe base with a chocolate cookie inside. The pop is hand dipped in dark chocolate and has crickets throughout. This show stopper even has edible gold flakes sprinkled on top! Other new pop flavours include the Guilded Wilder Worm Pop, Nutella Pretzel Ice Pop, Cotton Candy Ice Pop and the PB & J Pop.

Golden Grasshopper Pie Pop

Venison Hot Dog

The Midway goes wild! Try a European style venison sausage that is naturally cased. This hot dog has a real snap to every bite!

Deer Hot Dog

Saturday Morning Beaver Balls 

These scrumptious deep fried little dough balls are cooked to golden perfection and then tossed in cinnamon and sugar. Saturday Morning Beaver Balls are topped with Fruit Loops cereal, fresh raspberries and a touch of condensed milk! These are everything you wanted Saturday morning breakfast to be!

Saturday Morning Beaver Balls 

Bacon and Sausage Scotch Egg

This Scotch Egg is a delicious English classic with a Canadian twist. A medium poached egg is wrapped in delicious sweet and spicy sausage that is combined with centre cut Canadian bacon and fried until crispy. If you miss out on this you’ll really be the one with egg on your face!

Scotch Egg

Deep Fried Oreo Milkshake

A vanilla milkshake gets the Oreo treatment with both regular Oreos and deep fried Oreos, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Watch out because this milkshake is next level!

Deep Fried Oreo Milkshake

Deep Fried Tequila Shot Bites 

These non-alcoholic shot bites take deep fried treats to a new level by frying tequila flavoured cake bites until they are perfectly golden brown and topped off with icing sugar. Have a shot with friends and family, Stampede style.

Deep Fried Shooters

Frosted Flake Chicken on a Stick

Tender, juicy cutlets of chicken are dipped and coated in a crunchy Frosted Flake crust. This chicken on a stick is not to be missed.

Corn Flake Chicken ON A STICK

Steak and Guinness Cornish Pasties

This is not your average pie! This traditional homemade Steak & Guinness pasty is stuffed with 100 per cent Canadian beef and 100 per cent Guinness stout and is all wrapped up in light, crispy puff pastry.

Steak & Guinness Pasty

Teriyaki Chicken Perogies 

Bite size cheese cheddar and potato perogies are lightly pan fried with butter and given the Teriyaki twist. Garnished with sautéed onions, sriracha mayonnaise, sweet ginger teriyaki sauce, green onions and crispy chicken breast strips, then topped off with seaweed. If Teriyaki isn’t your thing there are five other international flavours to choose from.

Teryaki Chichen Perogie

PBO Stack

What do you get when you sandwich a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup between two Oreo cookies, dip in batter and fry the goodness in? The PBO Stack, of course!

PBO stack

Pretzel Dog

A hotdog on a stick wrapped in pretzel dough, then deep fried, brushed with warm butter and sprinkled with pretzel salt.

Pretzel Dog

Biggest Baddest Brat 

12 inches of locally crafted Bratwurst, this crowd pleaser is served in a soft baked pretzel bun and is topped with homemade beer mustard and as many fried onions as you can handle.

Biggest Baddest Brat

Oreo Churros

Your favourite cookie is now available in churro form! The crispy, chocolate churros are made with real Oreo cookie pieces and filled with the cookie’s delicious cream centre that we all know and love.

Oreo Churro

Bacon Beer Battered Corndog 

This is the daddy of all corn dogs. Premium triple smoked centre cut bacon is added to traditional corn batter. Top it off with homemade Bourbon BBQ sauce.

Bacon Beer Battered Corndog

Oreo Funnel Cake

Oreo cookies are crushed and combined with traditional funnel cake batter and topped with Oreo cream icing, Oreo cookies and fresh whipped cream.

Oero Funnel Cake

Butter Chicken Fries

Golden, crispy French fries are topped with delicious Indian butter chicken sauce. You could almost call this India’s poutine.

Butter Chicken Fries


We can’t wait to welcome you to eat and drink to your hearts (and more importantly, stomachs!) content. What new foods are you most excited to try?

Written and compiled by:

James Radke, Midway operations manager

Emily Wood, Midway project coordinator

For more information on our food items or vendors, please contact Neil Hilts, media relations coordinator at 403.261.0242 or via email at nhilts@calgarystampede.com.