Hey Cowboys and Cowgirls,

People often ask me what the highlight has been so far – and let me tell you, that’s a tough question to answer! Each event is a highlight for a different reason and every person we encounter shares a unique and interesting story. It’s a little crazy to think of all the opportunities and adventures that these last six(ish) months have given me – but I can say without a doubt, it would not have been the same without my Stampede Sisters by my side.

Western night
“On duty” at Flames Western Night

Since the night Princess Chelsey, Queen Maggie and I were crowned, we’ve been inseparable. At first, it was simply because our schedule was so hectic, we would have had to hang out whether we liked it or not. However, it didn’t take long to realize that these two were the warm hearted, positive kind of people I want to be surrounded by anyway.

We’ve made countless memories, shared numerous ab-working laughs and even dried a few tears through this journey, and I’m sure there is more to come. A lot of our time together is spent in the public eye as we are out and about representing the Calgary Stampede and we LOVE doing that, but I’m going to share just a couple of behind-the-scenes memories that you may not get to see.

Off duty at the Stampeders Western semi-final game


One thing is that Queen Maggie ALWAYS has a granola bar with her. Seriously, sometimes she even has a few different kinds. I think she lives off of them. However, she always offers to share the moment someone mentions hunger. Rest assured, whether we’re out at the barn or touring around town at events, out for a couple hours or all day, the girl has a stash of granola bars on hand.

Princess Chelsey has a very extensive baseball hat collection. Of course, these days she’s usually rocking a stunning white Smithbilt hat, but the girl loves her baseball hats too. We ride our horses multiple times a week and Princess Chelsey always rocks a baseball cap at the barn – and I don’t think we’ve seen her wear the same one twice!

Stampede Royalty_1

A collective ‘talent’ we’ve really fostered together is the beautiful art of car ride karaoke. Just ask our committee members that attend events with us, we are highly entertaining (especially super early in the morning). We love to blast a good tune, crank up the volume and dance in our seats as we sing along. We have a pretty eclectic music taste too; here is a little playlist to give you an idea of what it’s like in our Shaw GMC Yukon:

“You Shook Me All Night Long” – AC/DC

“Hello” – Adele

“Wannabe” – Spice Girls (Check out our dance party to this tune here)

“Thunderstruck” – AC/DC

“Downtown” – Mackelmore

“Chicken Fried” – Zac Brown Band

“Back in Black” – AC/DC

“Cake by the Ocean” – DNCE

As you can tell, we really love AC/DC, and I really love these girls. I can honestly say they are a couple of my closest friends now and I could not picture experiencing this year without them. Even on our weekends off, we still find ourselves spending time together (and usually wearing coordinating outfits of some sort) or constantly having an iPhone group chat going on – I even got to celebrate my birthday with them this year!

Stampede Royalty_2
Celebrating my 24th birthday

I am so thankful to have Queen Maggie and Princess Chelsey by my side through this adventure. I’ve learned from them, I’ve laughed with them and I’ve found two very special friends that I will always cherish.

We can’t wait to see you all out in the community in the coming weeks! Oh, and if you hear AC/DC anywhere near Stampede Park, that’s probably thanks to us 🙂

Much love & happy trails,

Princess B

P.S. Your 90’s Country Flashback song of the week is Heroes & Friends by Randy Travis. “My heart rides the range with my heroes and friends”