It’s National Volunteer Week – and it should be said out loud that the Calgary Stampede loves our volunteers.

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When we talk about our volunteers, we have some big, impressive numbers. More than 2,300 volunteers. Forty-nine volunteer committees. They flip more than 200,000 pancakes in a year. Forty-five per cent give more than 100 hours in a year. They spearhead or support more than 300 community events (that’s in addition to all the Stampede-time programming they do, like the Parade, BMO Kids’ Day Breakfast, just about every agriculture event and exhibit and much more). More than 170 of our volunteers have given more than 35 YEARS of service to the Stampede.

The numbers are big. But of course every one of those people and every one of those hours have a lot heart and humanity behind them. They care deeply about the community and have a passion for the Calgary Stampede.

Last year during Stampede, Bill Gray, president and chairman of the board (a 30-year volunteer himself!), created the President’s Certificate of Appreciation. Meet a few of our extraordinary volunteers and learn more in the following video. Happy National Volunteer Appreciate Week to all!