When it comes to being enthusiastic about bringing fresh ideas to the Stampede, the iTeAm is ready to go.

You may have seen what we’ve done on our website in the Idea Bank. Or had a presentation at your committee meeting talking about our simple process.

But how can the iTeAm really help you, a dedicated Stampede volunteer, on your committee?


There are so many big ideas out there from our talented volunteers -- are you ready to share?
There are so many big ideas out there from our talented volunteers — are you ready to share?
  1. “No, Can’t and Won’t” are not words we use.

You may have had an idea in the past brought forward to your committee chair or vice-chair that is a great idea, but perhapsoutside of the scope, scale, or resources of your committee mandate. While it is important to understand that we are not a backdoor route to increasing individual committee budgets, or re-hashing ideas brough forward and rejected by your committee, we CAN help give your awesome ideas a home if they simply live outside of your existing committee and meet our strategic objectives. (You can find all this on our website and once you engage with our simple online idea collection form)

  1. Our network is really big, and really easy to access.

Sometimes the hardest part about getting a great idea to see the light of day is knowing where to start. Start by connecting with the iTeAm! If we know how to do anything, it’s asking the kinds of questions required to make sure that the right people are asked the right questions to hopefully, help the organization make the right decisions. We are charged with supporting YOU so YOUR idea gets the consideration it deserves.

  1. We believe in synergy…yes, it’s cheesy, but true.

Synergy, by definition, is two things coming together to create something greater than each individual part. So if you have an idea that needs a little help, feel free to browse our online Idea Bank. This is where we house all submitted ideas, as well as a brief description of their status. It’s through capturing these ideas that you may learn from other ideas, and see opportunities for your idea to be refined or tweaked. We’re all about learning, and believe you can learn as much from a homerun as you can from a strike-out.

So what’s on your mind?

If you have in idea rattling around in your head, or that’s been bugging you for a while, please connect with us! Visit us a www.innovation.calgarystampede.com to learn more about our simple process, or submit your idea online instantly through our simple form. And if you’re just looking to get inspired, follow us on Twitter @Innovation_CS.