Howdy everyone, Queen Maggie here, enjoying this beautiful February weather. Just this past weekend Princesses Chelsey, Bailee and I spent a day out in the Priddis area taking part in our second photo shoot of the year. The morning started off nice and early, at 5:30 to be exact, to leave enough to time to curl hair, apply the base of our make up and grab a quick coffee before heading out to our make up sponsor, the Aria Studios. Once there, our wonderful sponsor Liz applied our fake lashes and touched up all of the make up we had previously applied, making us look absolutely fabulous. As we like to call it, we got “Lizified”. Once on route to the photo shoot, we checked our directions and thought we had a pretty good idea of where we were going. We did not. Two wrong turns, one dead end and multiple phone calls later, we finally found ourselves on the right road pulling into Homeplace Ranch.Maggie1

Bailee, Chelsey and I getting the finishing touches on our make up and Bailee fixing my hair.

Homeplace Ranch was absolutely breath taking. Mac Makenny, owner of the ranch and one of the volunteers on the royalty committee, was generous enough to let us use his ranch as the location of our shoot and I don’t think we could have picked a better spot! Horses roamed freely across the property and would walk right up to the back porch door. Plenty of old buildings were scattered throughout and a wonderful quiet filled the air as we were nestled so nicely in the trees. Maggie2

Top: Mac looking out his kitchen window at his ranch. Bottom L: The horses walking right up to the back porch. Bottom R: Laura arranging us for that perfect shot.

After arriving promptly an hour later than we had originally planned we met our new photographer Laura Parry of Wild Heart Photography. Laura was an absolute blast right from the get go, bringing a portable speaker for us to use and blast any playlist we wanted. She was super enthusiastic and great for helping us keep it natural and relaxed. We started off with some shots with the horses and then moved into our individualized shots where each of us brought an object that described who we are outside of Stampede Royalty. Chelsey brought some sheds (antlers that deer have shed) and sunflowers, since of course she has such a sunny personality. Bailee brought her cheer leader pom poms and I brought a pair of English riding boots and a helmet. Naturally with music cranked in the background we had frequent out bursts of song and dance. When Spice Girls came on Bailee started singing into a garden hose and I whipped out some dance moves that rivalled MJ. Maggie3

Left: Chelsey posing with her sheds and sunflowers. Right: Bailee posing with her pom poms.

All in all the day was a total success thanks to the many sponsors and volunteers who make this program happen. As our one chaperone says “It takes an army”and it really does! We spent a lot of time hanging out in our vehicle waiting for everyone to get things set up for us to take a shot (we really are spoiled). Behind each photograph there were volunteers holding up blankets to create shade, or reflectors to give us light or even singing for us when we didn’t have music to help keep us pumped up and ready to go. To put it simply, we are three very lucky girls to be supported by so many people. Until next time, Queen Maggie