Hey y’all, Princess Chelsey here again, back at it for the New Year! As per usual, we’ve been keeping quite busy, but realizing that this is to be our slow time before all of the extra excitement of spring time hits, we’ve been enjoying our down time while we can! I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about one event that we get to attend each and every month, and will continue to all through the rest of the year…Happy Trails! If you think that was me bursting into song…you’re mistaken. Happy Trails is a monthly event put on by the Calgary Stampede Promotions Committee where we tag along to various retirement homes for an evening of singing, line-dancing, and spending time with the residents. Chelsey 1

We love the Calgary song!

Thankfully, the Promotions Committee is filled with incredibly talented volunteers who are more than eager to dance, sing, and share their talents. There is a trick roper who can spin a pair of pistols like you’ve never seen, a full band (with a much better singer than ourselves), and even Harry the Horse joins the fun!

Chelsey 3

              Chelsey 2

This event is one of my most looked forward to evenings every month. Seeing the residents’ excitement to sing familiar songs and visit with the people of Stampede provides such an incredible feeling. We hear from the staff that it is quite the occasion for some of the residents as well; more than one has made a point to get their hair and makeup done specially for the event! For me, getting to hear all of the stories they have to tell is the highlight. Most are so enthusiastic to describe their experiences at the Stampede, their involvement in the rodeo community, or just to tell us about their grandchildren! We’ve met many born-and-raised Calgarians as well as those from all parts of the world. I was particularly excited when I was able to meet a sweet lady who grew up in Drumheller in the 1950s. Hearing stories of my hometown from that era was sure something!

Chelsey 4

They even let us have the mic for some songs!

Happy Trails was even one of the events that we were judged on during our competition back in September (how long ago that seems now!). Even though it was a judged event we found ourselves at ease with the residents and were able to have a blast that night. With the residents themselves along with the Promotions Committee, I think all of the contestants felt comfortable and certainly welcome. I can’t talk highly enough about that committee, such a fun group, and we are so excited to work closely with them at events for the rest of our year!

Chelsey 5

Of course after a night of dancing, Tim Bits are required!

Happy Trails!

Princess Chelsey