On Thursday, November 26, AltaLink generously announced that they will donate $1.5 million to create AltaLink Hall, a 20,000 square foot multi-purpose space within the Agrium Western Event Centre, and support agriculture programming. One of the fantastic new initiatives is Farm Safety Day, a one-day farm safety program aimed at rural youths in grades six to nine.

Pictured: (L) (R)
Pictured: (L) Scott Thon and (R) Warren Connell

“AltaLink’s generous donation to create Farm Safety Day and AltaLink Hall is a milestone in the Calgary Stampede’s effort to continue to showcase agriculture and western experiences,” said Warren Connell, chief executive officer of the Calgary Stampede.

The first Farm Safety Day will be held on Thursday, March 24, 2016 and is designed to provide safety lessons on topics such as infrastructure, vehicles, farm equipment, and animals.

Scott Thon, president and chief executive officer of AltaLink, told the audience that in light of the difficult economic climate AltaLink is proud to partner with the Calgary Stampede to support agricultural communities across the province. “In these tough times, there is real need in our province no matter where you live, to serve your community. We are very honoured to step up with both a donation to the Stampede and to be able to contribute to making Alberta’s farms and our farm families a safer place to grow up,” said Thon.

Pictured: (L) Warren Connell and (R) Scott Thon unveiling the AltaLink Hall entrance at Agrium Western Event Centre

“Rural youth and farm families will have access to world-class safety programming designed to build tangible prevention skills and farm safety […] it is my hope that programs like this will keep our communities safer,” said Thon “education and awareness is the critical piece on getting ahead of avoiding farm incidents; I can’t think of a better forum for spreading this message than through the Calgary Stampede.”


The Calgary Stampede will actively work with school districts to bring awareness about Farm Safety Day. More information and sign-up details about Farm Safety Day will be available at www.calgarystampede.com/ag.