Disability Employment Awareness month (DEAM) was established to spotlight the positive outcomes of hiring persons with disabilities in Canada.

complete mural
Pictured: In A DEAM World

Five employees from the Calgary Stampede Food & Beverage team helped to bring attention to this great cause on Monday, October 26, 2015. Twelve local organizations were invited to join Mike Montgomery, from the Prospect House placement agency, as well as representatives from Studio C, to help create an inspiring 15 foot by five foot canvas mural, entitled In A DEAM World.

The making of In A DEAM World brought together leaders from Alberta’s public and private sectors, employees with disabilities, and Prospect’s art facilitators.

Pictured: Calgary Stampede employees, (L) Julia and (R) Colleen working diligently on the painting project

Over the course of 12 art sessions, people from all walks came together to demonstrate how diverse and inclusive environments enables everyone to realize their full potential.

Pictured: Calgary Stampede employee Julia showing off her catering skills and being photobombed by teammate, Gico

The public unveiling of this inspiring piece took place on October 28, 2015 at the Engineered Air Theatre. Afterwards, the organizations that participated were given pieces that they created to serve as reminders of DEAM, as well as increase visibility for employees with disabilities.

This beautiful part of In A DEAM World now lives on Stampede Park in Duane Horpinuk’s, director of Food & Beverage, office