Every night after the GMC Rangeland Derby, Mike Sharp, park projects manager, and his Operations team take on the big task of moving the TransAlta Mobile Stage to the centre of the Rodeo Arena for The Grandstand Show.

There are many moving parts to this process; several set pieces have to be brought out and pulled towards the stage, including an incredible flying mechanical bird as well as numerous screens, parts must be connected, and all power and fireworks must be in place.

This tight turnaround is action packed and filled with high energy. Every employee involved must be on their top game, mentally and physically, to make sure the stage is installed correctly, up to all safety standards, and ready for the performance to begin on time.

Awesome job to everyone involved in this process each night; because of you, thousands of fans are able to enjoy the performance only moments after the chuckwagon races finish.

Suzi Wright moving one of the pieces of the stage towards the centre of the track
Each piece of the stage is moved by a different device depending on size, height, width and weight.
Andy Ekelund bringing in one of the screens.
The large mechanical bird that flies above the audience during the performance.
A look from behind the stage where the arch bridge and mechanical bird await before they are both hoisted into the sky at various times throughout the Grandstand Show.
Bringing in another large screen.
Working hard to secure the parts.
Setting up the power and electrical.
As performers get ready, employees help secure the area.


Final checks before the show begins!
In spirit of the Grandstand Show’s theme, Brad Freer, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police, enjoys Canadian Classic as the performance begins, only moments after the stage has been fully assembled.