The Dueling chefs are back on the Calgary Co-op Kitchen Theatre stage and the finale takes place Saturday at 6PM in BMO Marketplace Hall A.  Rogelio Herrera, Owner and Corporate Chef Alloy Restaurant and Candela Lounge will be going up against Pierre Lamielle, Illustrator and Chef and participant on Top Chef Canada. You won’t want to miss it!

Judges are a big part of Kitchen Theatre as they determine who are the winners for the Dueling Chefs, Police and Firefighter, and Kids’ Chili Cook-off competitions.  Fabio Centini, of Centini Restaurant & Lounge has been cooking in restaurants since he was 15 years old  and has judged on our stage for many years.  He provides some insight as to what goes into judging and as he explains, “It’s not the easiest job”.


Calgary Stampede (CS): What do the judges consider?


  • The eye should always eat first.  The plate has to look good to the judges
  • The food should live up to what it looks like.  If it looks great but does not taste great that is a problem
  • Creativity – how interesting is the plate.
  • Has the chef come up with combinations that you would normally not have thought of, do the ingredients sing together?

(CS): Do the judges consider anything more important that another?

Centini:  Bottom line, does it give you a WOW factor. The look, the taste, the creativity.

(CS): Are the competitions close?

Centini:  Kitchen Theatre has very talented and creative chefs competing .  The competitions are often close and that’s why we need 5 judges for their 5 different opinions. Several times we have had winners separated by one point.

(CS): Any final words of advice for our competitiors?

Centini: never put out a rushed dish.

See a sample of the judges scoring card for the Dueling Chef competitions:
DC scoring_card_2015