The Calgary Stampede has a great team that works hard to help put on The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, year after year. Calgary is renowned for its western hospitality because of Stampede’s high standards for going above and beyond to meeting the needs of our guests.

This year we’d like to recognize some of the fine folks that work away behind the scenes to make sure the 10 days of Stampede are successful.

Congratulations to the following Stampede employees who practice our organizational values of: western hospitality, commitment to community, pride of place and integrity:

BMO Concessions – Aden Ali Park Admissions – Thomas Dickson
BMO Concessions – Raquel Dayrit Park Admissions – Kristy Liventon
Bud Light Zone – Connor Buchholz Park Admissions – Kristin McMullan
Catering – Gico Gunda Park Maintenance – Glenn Felt
Casino 10 day – Andrea Wojcik Park Maintenance – Sara Cohen
Clubhouse – Riley Beatty Sales and Event Management – Jil Smith
Clubhouse – Hayden Luger Security – David Smith
Infield Suites – Shireen Foroghi Security – Susan Miller
Infield Suites – Catherine Huynh Cook Sponsorship /Marketing – Melanie Friesen
Grandstand Concessions – Jelisa Rushton The Range – Brady Ormerond
Grandstand Concessions – Mia Trann Ticketing – Ali Roshan Sobh
Grandstand Concessions – Kristin McKenzie Trades – Evan Roe
Mavericks – Gerald Beato Venue Services Infeild – Vincent Wu
Nashville North – Janice Kozun Venue Services AG/WEC – Mia Hodal
Nashville North – Mark Diniro Venue Services Grandstand – Dustin Poor Eagle
Nashville North – Melissa Burgis Venue Services Grandstand – Ariel Provost
Parking – Edward Ngegba Venue Services Grandstand – Mezgebu Desta
Parking – Maria Gacova Venue Services BMO – Carter Nickel
Parking – Lance Fernandes Venue Services BMO – Wyatt Shenfield
Parking – Taylor Schmautz Venue Services Big 4 – Adam Guma
Park Admissions – Allison Yeats Western Events & Agriculture – Kristin Dennett