Hello everyone! Have you enjoyed day 6 of #Stampede2015?!

This morning Britni, Emily, Makenzie and I had the pleasure of hosting one lucky family for a special Agricultural Experience. Holly’s family attended the Canada Day celebration at Olympic Plaza (and Harry the Horse’s 30th Birthday Party) where we selected them for this awesome prize. Included in the winnings was admission to join us on park, $100 in Stampede bucks, and a sampling of Stampede Store merchandise.

We attended the youth Miniature Horse Costume Class – Kaylan (age 6) and Chase (age 5) walked right into the arena with the competitors- allowing them to chat with each pair and pet the horses. The kiddos also helped to judge the costumes & hand out prize ribbons to all competitors and received autographed cowboy hats from another guest judge; a bull fighter from the Rodeo! When the announcer asked what horse was his favourite, Chase enthusiastically replied “Pretty much all of them!”… Too cute. Moments like this are priceless: I’m thrilled that the Stampede is devoted to helping bridge the gap between urban and rural families.

Kaylan and Chase

This was a special treat on BMO Kids’ Day morning- a must see for everyone! If this event wasn’t on your list for this year, I’d highly recommend making a point of checking it out next year (not to mention all the other amazing, educational, and FREE Agricultural Programming running all 10-days in the AG ZONE- including in the Agrium Western Event Centre).

Holly, Kaylan and Chase’s mom, tweeted that they had a fantastic time interacting with all the mini horses. Our volunteer committee hosts all sorts of contests during the year – if you or your family want to be a part of a unique ‘money can’t buy’ Stampede experience then make sure you’re following along with us on Twitter (@CS_NGC) and on this blog! We love to give away prizes, especially ones that are exclusive and behind the scenes.

These tiny but mighty horses even have a Facebook page and a Twitter account (@csminihorses) so be sure to give them a like and follow along for up to date news on all the different classes & competitions and photos from the Calgary Stampede Miniature Horse committee. Thank you to the Miniature Horse committee, the production team, and all the other volunteers who helped us make this one of a kind experience possible.

So: Miniature Horses! You’re going to attend their competitions next year, right? If you don’t know, now you know 🙂